Poll - Should Michael Dawson be sold?

He has lately divided Tottenham Hotspur fans has our captain Michael Dawson, who has had to carry the burden a poor left side of our defence for large parts of the season when Jan Vertonghen has not been fit.

Michael Dawson Poll
Spurs Captain Michael Dawson divides opinion
Naturally that has affected his own game which has picked up once more with Jan Vertonghen back beside him.

The fact Hugo Lloris has 12 Premier League clean sheets, joint top with Chelsea and Arsenal keepers is a testament to the men in front of him, which only adds weight to the Dawson should stay argument.
Now is your chance to vote.

You can either find a link to the poll on Twitter (@THBNSays) or you can get findit here:

Michael Dawson Poll

I come down firmly on the side of keeping Dawson, he's the only centre-back we have who doesn't go down with an injury every 5 minutes.

Go cast your vote and feel free to share it around.

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