Marin Chivers & Roberto Soldado

Roberto Soldado has struggled at Spurs there is no hiding from that but the Tottenham faithful can see his finishing ability and know it's only a matter of time.

Pressure had been mounting and getting to the Spanish international, snatching at chances and missing goals he would normally score with his eyes shut. He doesn't blame others but takes responsibility for his own form.

Roberto Soldao feels wanted at Spurs
Roberto Soldao feels wanted at Spurs

His goal against Cardiff City at White Hart Lane, a goal that won Spurs the game, has he feels lifted a huge weight off his shoulders. Relaxed we may see a sharper predator in the box from now on.

"I am the only one responsible for my poor form, but I will get better.

"It was very special [scoring against Cardiff] for me, but I think the nice thing about it you could see that it was special both for the fans and the rest of my teammates as well.

"I think everyone had been really wanting me to score and trying their best for me to score, and what I am hoping now is that it's not going to be such a big gap between the next goal and this one.

"To tell you the truth, I do feel that having scored that goal, it almost frees you up as a player and I hope I'll be able to continue to score and the goal-scoring run goes on for longer this time.

"Despite all the time I have gone without scoring a goal, the support they [the Spurs fans] have given me has been incredible.

"Every time I touch the ball I feel there is great expectation and people are hoping for the best for me - I feel wanted here even though I haven't given them anything at the moment."

Soldado knows the importance of the matches coming up and believes that Spurs being a massive club should be in the Champions League.

"March is going to be very vital for us and it might define the season. The good thing about it is that we are going to be playing against a lot of our closest rivals and with victories in those key games, it means you can really close the gap on the people who are above us.

"It is a good period to be going through and certainly we are all going to be looking forward to it as a squad and working hard to make sure the results go our way.

"Playing in the Champions League for a player is the top thing you can do at a club level. You only have to be standing there in the stadium and you hear that theme music and you know it's going to be an exciting game.

"Spurs are a massive club and they deserve their place in that competition and hopefully this season we can achieve it.

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Martin Chivers backs Soldado to be a success at Spurs if he gets the service. England international Chivers knows a thing or two about scoring goals, he bagged 174 in 367 games for Spurs.

The Big Chiv, part of the Spurs Glory Years under Bill Nicholson spoke about the striker this week.

Martin Chivers backs Roberto Soldado
Martin Chivers backs Roberto Soldado
"Tim Sherwood has certainly done well with Emmanuel Adebayor to give him the confidence and make him grow happy enough to show us what he can do.

"He has persevered with Soldado and I feel very sorry for him as you can't play him in every game when he is missing goals galore.

"But we know than he can score goals - you don't suddenly become a bad player, but you have to have the service and I don't think we create that many chances."

"I think the team spirit is very good under Tim Sherwood. I have been working there for 24 years now and seen 14 managers come through. That is not conducive to success and I don't want to see a 15th manager soon.

"It is up to the club and the way they are thinking, but I am sure if Tim Sherwood gets good results before the end of the season, even if we just miss out on the Champions League, he has a very good chance to carry us on."

Former striker Chivers had his European scoring record overtaken by Jermain Defoe this season and feels Spurs needed Defoe.

"We needed a Jermain at the football club but he has been offered something he can't turn down at his age. "He has got a gold mine, struck lucky. I just hope he can go through the five years because he will be set for life. I am pleased for him.

"Jermain has given us some fantastic years, he has scored many goals but I think he needs another challenge and I think that challenge over there is just right at his age."

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