Levy moves to put right the £100 failure

While Spurs were bottling it on the pitch again with yet another gutless capitulation with ten men Daniel Levy was showing them how to be a winner.

It has been reported all week how Arsenal had signed former Tottenham scouting supremo Ian Broomfield, until the beginning of March chief scout at Queens Park Rangers with another former Tottenham man Harry Redknapp. It was Redkapp who first brought him to Spurs in 2009.

Ian Broomfield & Harry Redknapp
Ian Broomfield was with Harry Redknapp at QPR
The national press reported on March 1st he was leaving to join Arsenal and had resigned his position at QPR.

“The opportunity to work for Arsene Wenger at one of Europe’s top clubs, like Arsenal, was too good to turn down,” Broomfield was quoted as saying.

“I appreciated my time at QPR with Harry, but this is an exciting challenge which I’m looking forward to.”

Knowing the talent of the talent spotter Daniel Levy did not want to see a scout of his quality end up at Arsenal.

Levy has contacted Broomfield and discovered that no contract had actually been signed only a verbal agreement so Levy has persuaded him to return to the Tottenham fold instead. Having enjoyed a good working relationship with Levy previously Broomfield agreed and has put pen to paper to rejoin Spurs and scupper Arsenal's plans.

He has previously been the Chief Analyser at Leeds United (who then made it to the Champions League semi-finals) and Aston Villa, on both occasions working wor David O'Leary. He then went to Portsmouth with Harry Redknapp before they both came to Spurs.

Broomfield left his Chief Scout role at Spurs after Andre Villas-Boas took over. The pair had a falling out when they disagreed over player signings and AVB had him removed.

A former player, his career was ruined by injury and he spent 30 years solving murder cases for the Criminal Investigation Department and scouting in his spare time.

He was responsible for the signing of Dimitar berbatov, Luka Modric, Gareth Bale, Vertonghen, Sigurdsson, Dembele, Lloris and Sandro.

He advised the re-signing of Kaboul and recommended the purchase of Luis Suarez. also scouted and recommended the purchases of Kyle Walker and Kyle Naughton. The list of talent we have missed out on is Broomfield list, AVB's players are not in the same class.

Ian Broomfield is widely regarded as an exceptional talent spotter and Spurs are lucky to have the right man back at The Lane to head the search for players. If Broomfield had been at the club we would not have wasted £100 million on mediocrity.

Daniel Levy has gone back to the man he trusts to upgrade our signings once more.

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