Incompetent or cheats? Sherwood right to be furious

I talked about officials deciding games of football after the Man City game when the linesman or are they still called assistant referees, denied Dawson a goal when there were 4 defenders plus a goalkeeper between him and the goal, later confirming the free-kick was given for Dawson being offside.

Danny Rose sending off rescinded
Danny Rose sending off rescinded
The same game saw the same linesman then flag for a penalty when Danny Rose didn't even touch Eden Dzeko. Rose was of course sent-off after 50 minutes and the game decided in that instance.

Yes Man City were better, yes we were up against it, but it should have been 1-1 with 11 men on the field and less than 45 minutes to play. With a ball on average out of play for 20 seconds every minute that meant there would have been a maximum of 26.66 minutes football.

Instead Man City were given 3 points, we were denied any, our goal difference is given a hammering and the players put under further pressure to achieve results in other games. That red card was obviously rescinded but Eden Dzeko faced no charge of bringing the game into disrepute. The officials got away with blatant and obvious errors, to put it politely.

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Roll forward to Chelsea and the officials do it again. This time it's Eto'o who, having time in Russia, has obviously been to the ballet because his dying swan act drew acclaim from the referee. Yet again the referee decides a game, he gives Chelsea a second goal and reduces us to 10 men. Our goal difference takes a hammering.

Younes Kaboul sending off rescinded
Younes Kaboul sending off rescinded
Yet again it was a blatantly wrong decision, as voiced by Gary Neville at the time on commentary. Even Eden Hazzard pointed at Eto'o after the penalty to say your dive made that, you get the credit!

Yet again Tottenham have to appeal referees incompetence and yet again the red card is rescinded or in other words, yet again it is admitted the ref was wrong and his incompetence is then simply brushed under the carpet.

Yes we may still have lost but that's not the point. The officials wrongly ended the contest because Michel Platini and Sepp Blatter don't want video replays to undermine officials.

Officials are undermining themselves. We have TV replays, every decision gets looked at from every angle anyway so there is simply no excuse not to use that technology to get the right decision at the time.

Last season officials, through their bias, relegated Wigan, the decisions they had to put up with week in week out were ridiculous. The futures of clubs, of managers, of players are being decided by at best incompetent officials.

Did the officials after the Man City game get investigated or given a ban for such an obvious and major mistake? No, they got away scott-free, they don't explain decisions to the media and players, managers are not allowed to tell the truth when discussing officials or they get a disrepute charge.

They are not allowed to criticise which smacks of dictatorship.

Will the referee at Chelsea get a Premier league 'rest,' no of course he won't, he can make whatever decisions he wants to determine the outcome of the games he wants.

With so much money at stake, game changing decisions simply have to be reviewed to ensure the correct decision. Football has so much it can learn from Rugby, such as the players not being allowed to talk to the ref.

The ref in Rugby has respect, his authority is not undermined at all by the players and not by replays either. Football needs to catch up. Cheating needs to be retrospectively dealt with, major decisions need to be reviewed, the game should continue if there is an injury, just as it used to be.

The captain should be the only one allowed to talk to the ref, players who make actions simulating showing cards to tell the ref to should be booked themselves. That law was actually brought in but hardly ever used.

The holding at corners has to be looked at, free-kicks are given for the most minor things in the middle of the field but a tussle in the area is simply ignored. The ref is bottling making a decision.

I remember the Champions League game between Celtic and Juventus where the Celtic centre-forward was held, pushed, thrown to the floor by the Italians so he hardly got a kick, especially from corners. All of it was illegal, there were two stone wall penalties as a result and the ref simply turned a blind eye to it all. He didn't want Celtic to win, Juventus were the bigger team, he and UEFA wanted Juventus to go through so made sure they did.

It's high time something was done, the simple changes outlined and discussed before need to happen and sooner rather than later.

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