In support of Tim Sherwood

The result of the poll was 53% in favour of Tim Sherwood as Technical Director and 47% in favour of Franco Baldini remaining in the post.
Spurs fans support Tim Sherwood as Technical Director
Spurs fans support Tim Sherwood as Technical Director

Personally I have nothing against Baldini and there is no doubt he has all the contacts we could want but I do feel that Tim Sherwood has something to offer the club. He has developed the youth with success and is doing no worse than Andre Villas-Boas as a manager, which to be honest he shouldn't be with his experience.

Either Sherwood has something to be nurtured but that now seems unlikely given his statement that he is to opinionated to be a Number 2. He has the best interests of the club at heart, he is a winner who has a desire for Spurs to win. Daniel Levy we know rates his contribution highly and will be loath to lose him.

Our chairman needs men around him whose judgement he trusts and Sherwood is one of those. I just get the feeling with Baldini that everything is Italian orientated, the players need to come from Italy, whatever their nationality, the manager needs to be Italian, his choice is Prandelli.

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I don't subscribe to this he is an Arsenal fan so shouldn't be at Spurs rubbish. His outburst at the players may not have been what other managers would have done, may not be what management would have liked, but isn't that part of what is wrong with football, nobody actually tells the truth anymore.

Press conferences are full of a manager saying lots but actually saying nothing. Fans know when a team have given up, I have written about it here before so it was refreshing to hear a manager say exactly what the supporters were thinking, tell the players exactly what the supporters wanted to tell them.

His public outburst at the players only raises my opinion of him, that's the sort of guy I want at the club. Why should everything be kept in a dressing room, do these highly paid guys need protecting that much.

If a few more people were as honest as Tim Sherwood the game would be a lot better for it.

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