I can still score goals Roy

As everyone knows by now Jermain Defoe scored two goals on his MLS debut as Toronto beat Seattle Sounders 2-1. Clint Dempsey of course plays for Seattle Sounders so we had an ex Spurs player on either side.

Unfortunately for Dempsey it was his mistake that gave Defoe his second goal, a bad back pass that the England international latched on to to put Toronto 2-0 up after it had taken Defoe just 16 minutes to score his first goal.

Clint Dempsey pulled one back for Seattle in the second half so a scoring day for ex Spurs players in the MLS. Others players on show included Obafema Martins, the Nigeria formerly at Newcastle, Steve Caldwell, the Scottosh centre-half formerly at Newcastle, Sunderland, Burnley and Birmingham among others, and Julio Ceasar, the Brazilian only until recently playing for QPR.

Toronto FC's Kiwi coach Ryan Nelsen, a former Spurs centre-half for a time under Harry Redknapp was delighted with Jermain Defoe's start.

"That was Jermain Defoe. Let's just say I'm not surprised. When the ball falls in those situations, he puts them away. That's why we brought him in. I was hoping he'd get in those scenarios and he got in them."

Defoe latched onto a poor pass for his first strike after pre-game stating he hoped Roy Hodgson was watching. He certainly gave him something to watch. Nelsen had also predicted that it wouldn’t take long for Toronto supporters to fall in love with the multi-million dollar player.

Two goals went a long way to satisfying everyone.

“The most important thing is winning the game, but to score two goals in your debut is a dream,” Defoe said afterwards.

"I just need to play and score goals. To get on a World Cup squad you have to be playing. Throughout my career people know I've scored a lot of goals. I think the most important thing for me is to play and score goals. That's all I can do."

Jermain Defoe is now 31 and he was not getting any games with Spurs. Playing with a lone striker he has to hold the ball up and link play and that is not his forte. If you want someone to shoot and score goals he'll do that for you but when he is not scoring he offers nothing else.

Defoe suffered from being to good to let go but not enough to his game to play. He still managed to bang in the goals for Spurs and was at home at the club, just as the supporters identified with him.

Roy Hodgson picks him for England but rarely does he play, he gets games against minnows and the occasional subs appearance when we need a goal. Will he go to the World Cup? I hope so for his sake, he deserves to go for the way he always makes himself available and never complains if he doesn't get any game time unlike others who refuse to play for their national side.

For me anyone who does that, like Ben Foster, should never get near an England squad again at any level. If you have turned down your country, that's it, end of any international career. I'm sorry but 'Ok I'll deign to play for you now' is not an attitude of anyone I want representing me. Give me the Jermain Defoe's of the world any day.

"I think England have a great chance because I think there's a great mix between the experienced players and the younger players," Defoe continued, which is obviously just PR.

"It's important to get off to a good start. There's a hard first game against Italy, but I think if we get off to a good start then you just never know. We need to stick together and take each game as it comes. It's the pinnacle of football and that's why you play the game – to go there and see how it goes."

Exactly the pinnacle of football is the World Cup, not the Champions League Final. To try and get their Defoe moved to Toronto to play football, obviously that was not the only reason, a pay day of £90,000 a week had something to do with it. As former Spurs striker Martin Chivers said, he received an offer that at this stage of his career he simply couldn't turn down.

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