Hoddle echoes our thoughts

Glenn Hoddle is a Tottenham man through and through, he was at the club from the age of seven, he played and was light years ahead of his time. He has won trophies, managed the side when we had no money and quite frankly no players. he went on to be a bloody good England manager until the media decided they didn't want him anymore, we haven't had one to compare with him since.

The fact he wasn't given the interim job was a travesty. They guy has been there done it and knows what it takes. We can all see the attitude of the players sucks so incase anyone thinks we don't know what they are talking about, they should listen to yesterdays commentary, listen to Dixon and Hoddle.

Dixon pointed out after a few minutes Spurs haven't turned up and proceeded to tell us if you play a high line the midfield must press or you are asking for trouble. The midfield didn't press at all, yet amazingly some fans want to blame the defence who were left to try and pick up the pieces. It is irrelevant that he is Arsenal, he is a winner and knows his football, he was spot on.

Glenn Hoddle has spoken of the abysmal attitude of the players showing before the game they couldn't care less. Being a TV pundit he couldn't say it in quite those terms but there is no doubt what he meant. The mental attitude has been wrong for months, it hasn't suddenly just happened. What we see on the pitch virtually every game was shown graphically in the tunnel.

Hoddle echoes our thoughts

"I didn’t like them in tunnel,’ Hoddle said. "Vertonghen was leaning against the wall with two hands behind his back."

That tells you I'm not up for this, I'll go out there and play like it's a kick about on a Sunday afternoon with my mates. Too relaxed is TV talk for he doesn't care.

"They were too relaxed, too flimsy, chatting away, coming here with no steel - and they’ve conceded a dreadful goal straight away."

Eriksen fell asleep, didn't track Johnson's run, which he had ages of time to see, Vetonghen makes a woeful half hearted attempt and answers on a post card what Kaboul was trying to do, pass it to the goalkeeper it looked like. Quite why when Lloris would not then be allowed to pick it up goodness knows. A couple of minutes game over, goodnight.

"You see a little bit of urgency from Tottenham when they have the ball but when Liverpool get it there’s no urgency, no closing down, no energy to win it in the middle third."

Exactly the though of Lee Dixon who has won a trophy or two and of most Tottenham fans. All they did was educate the watching millions who didn't already know our players couldn't care less.

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After the Benfica tie Hoddle said,

"Tottenham spent £110m replacing Gareth Bale and Tom Huddlestone with a deluge of new signings in the summer. Good players, but not great ones.

"The club have bought the wrong type of players, proving that throwing money at new signings is not always the answer.

"There needs to be a better strategy to provide more stability. The issue is building a team with the right blend, the right style, and that hasn’t happened yet. The team lack vision.

"Whenever I watch the team, I don’t see the pass that is going to hurt the opposition."

Spot on. Christian Eriksen for all the good he does it simply a good player, not a great one. He stands out at the moment because all around him is mediocrity. A totally unbalanced squad with players having to play out of position.

Quite why we bought Gylfi Sigurdsson to shove him on the wing for 2 years goodness knows and then we play him as a link midfielder, another role he can't do and we leave the link midfielder on the bench. You can not throw footballers onto a field and say get on with it, they have to have a structure, they have to have a system, they have to know what they are supposed to do. That's how they have been trained since they were kids.

Football players are football fans, they all support teams, they all hurt when their team puts in displays like that, make no mistake Glenn Hoddle will be hurting just like we are, he just can't say on TV what he really feels, only try and be diplomatic about it.

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