Head of Player Recruitment

You have to laugh how the press are reporting stories, Tim Sherwood will dictate summer transfer dealings, not Daniel Levy, they storm or 'Sherwood demands full control.' Reality is somewhat different.

Tim Sherwood, Head of Player Recruitment
Tim Sherwood, Head of Player Recruitment
As is usual in they fail to take into account the situation. Tim Sherwood will be moving into a new role upstairs in the summer when either Louis Van Gaal or Cesare Prandelli are appointed, depending upon events at Old Trafford.

Daniel Levy has already met and discussed requirements with Van Gaal, Tim Sherwood is the interim manager to work out which of AVB's flops we should keep and which we should get shot of. I have written before why Sherwood is the current Head Coach.

Yes he will have hoped the chance would have gone better and that he could have kept the job, but equally he knew if it didn't go so well there was another role for him.

Previously Sherwood has been in charge of youth development and had had his say in transfer dealings as Spurs work by transfer committee these days.

As yet we don't know what role Tim Sherwood will be given, it may well be Head of Player Recruitment, he may well have responsibility for all our signings in future. The Chief Scout AVB got rid of, Ian Broomfield, is back, someone very highly regarded and who has worked with Sherwood before.

The Tottenham ethos will not change. Primarily youth will be purchased to improve, it is the business model we have to follow in our financial situation. We will add to that with quality players who can make a difference, that policy will not change.

Let's have a look at what Tim Sherwood has said to the media.

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“Konoplyanka is certainly one who’s being talked about, but nothing definitive.” So what you are saying Tim is that you are not deciding whether we sign him but that the transfer committee have discussed whether we should.

“I think we have to make sure we see a lot more of these guys before they come in, not just the highlights, because we’ve got to make sure we do our recruitment job on them."

Music to my ears. Again I wrote about just this topic, that we have to assess a players character the way Sir Alex Ferguson would do at Old Trafford, to determine if they are 100% for the club or in Sherwood's own words, 'doing the club a favour' by deigning to play for us.

Clearly this has been discussed at board room level as to how to prevent the further wasting of money. Somebody has to take charge of player recruitment, not the signing of players, not the talent spotting, but everything else that makes up that individual. The object has to be to minimise the risk involved.

“I will sign the players, absolutely. Nobody else will come in here unless I sanction it. You can’t work any other way."

Well that tells us that Andre Villas-Boas sanctioned all signings at Tottenham despite some thinking he was given players he didn't want.

“The manager has got to work with the players, so unless he gets the players he wants it’s always going to be an uphill task. He will always have the excuse of, ‘well, they’re not my players’.

“Someone else has made those decisions in the past and I’ve not been privy to it. I know the type of players I want to improve the group and take it forward next season.

“It’s out of my hands but I believe I’ll be here next year. I’m planning for next season. The players are playing for their futures.”

Tim Sherwood negotiation tactics are to back people into corners. He has complete faith in his own ability, is straight to the point, which makes evasiveness on the other person's part difficult.

This interview is bravado, naturally he wants to be a manager, this is his one chance at Spurs, he has to do everything he can to convince others to let him stay. You wouldn't expect him to be any different but equally as Head of Player Recruitment he would work closely with the new manager and get the players they agree on.

That would involve scouting and research before submitting suggestions to the manager for him to agree or disagree. Foreign managers are used to working this way and it doesn't stop them being successful so there is no reason why it shouldn't be successful in the Premier League.

Daniel Levy has a role ear marked for Tim Sherwood, it could we be Head of Player Recruitment, the future success of Tottenham may depend upon Tim Sherwood.

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