Andros Townsend showing us once again how poor he actually is. His problem appears to be that the only thing he wants to do is shoot. The fact that there are other options, better options and that he has to learn how and when to use them means he simply doesn't make any decision at all.

Pass to the opposition seems to be his modus operandi at the moment. It was him once again unable to decide what to do with a ball from our free-kick 10 yards from goal that led to the Benfica break, corner and goal. From the corner he doesn't do his defensive duties to cover Lennon to compound his error. That is just not good enough, that smacks of not trying, it smacks of I couldn't care less.

Soldado has missed a very good chance. As expected not playing him for 3 weeks after he had scored a goal has done nothing for his confidence and that mismanagement is showing.

Bentaleb is soldiering on and is showing the passion Spurs players need. In terms of his development this is a good game for him. Naughton is making his usual errors while captain for the night Lennon in front of him is anonymous.

Our back four have never played together before and it shows, it takes them too long to find a pass and if pressured it could lead to another goal. The midfield have never played together either so only being 1-0 down at half-time is almost an acceptable result.

The have tried and put in effort and created some half chances so all in all an acceptable performance with the team we have out.

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