First Atlas, then Soldado

Atlas carried the world
Atlas carries the world
The titan Atlas in Greek mythology, as a punishment from the king of the Gods Zeus, had to bear heavy weights. The phrase he carried the world on his shoulders derives from this.

Roberto Soldado, who has been having a barren time since arriving in England, has been carrying the world on his shoulders and now he has passed it back to Atlas.

Twenty seven minutes in a break from our own penalty box down the left, Townsend passes to Adebayor who slots a beautiful ball into the path of the onrushing Soldado. In the centre of the goal, one touch and then a neat finish into the corner.

If anyone thinks confidence doesn't make a difference then forget the goal, just look at Soldado afterwards. He can't even celebrate, the relief is almost overwhelming. You almost expected him to burst into tears.

Soldado relief
Soldado relief as a weight is removed from his shoulders
He clutched his head and the pain and frustration drained away. It was a moment Spurs fans had been waiting for, it was a moment Soldado had been waiting for. The world was no longer on his shoulders, could he now have a new found freedom and go on a scoring spree.

You can not praise Adebayor's through ball enough putting the chance on a plate for his partner and it was Adebayor again who was calling everyone over to celebrate. He seems to have assumed the role of father figure to this team.

There are one other group of people who must be praised because they are a fickle bunch who turn quickly. If you are not a favourite they are on your back and earning praise is a tough job. I talk of course of the Spurs fans. Yes, us.

By and large Spurs fans have, despite an horrendous spell in front of goal and some terrible misses, stood behind Soldado. They, we, have not got on his back, not called him a waste of money, nor labelled him a flop. Even the most critical of the lot, the FIFA football playing forum dweller, has by and large not been on his back. Why?

We have been searching for a quality striker for years and fans recognise that the Spaniard is a quality finisher. Most believe he can and will score goals in the Premier League, if not a bundle this season then next.

The support he has received compared to others is quite remarkable and a tribute to the Tottenham fan, it marks us out as a rare breed. Class will come good in the end so perhaps this was just the beginning of a productive time at Tottenham.

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Spurs captain Michael Dawson, who silenced his own critics with a commanding performance, recognised the support the fans have given the struggling striker.

“We have been wishing it in for him, he’s settled in well and we are just delighted to see him score. The fans have been behind him every step of the way and he is a top player."

As one goalscorer leaves, and we wish Jermain Defoe well in his new venture, perhaps another has finally arrived. A firing Adebayor and a firing Soldado would make the striking department look better than it has for a while.

The weight has been lifted, now a new pressure, but a lighter one to carry.

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