Building work to be approved tonight

The development of the training facility continues with the approval of planning permission to be given tonight for a 500-seat stand to be constructed at Tottenham's state of the art training complex.

Tottenham Training Complex
Tottenham Training Complex at Hotspur Way will soon see floodlights

Approval will also be given for floodlights at Hotspur Way by Enfield Borough Council at their planning meeting this evening. There is opposition from local residents of course, which have been led by Jill Simpson since 2008. The council delayed a decision on February 25th this year before visiting Hotspur Way themselves on March 22nd. During that visit they assessed the impact the proposals might have for the local residents.

The council have decided t approve the application as campaigner Jill told the local newspaper.

“The report recommends the application be granted and Spurs’ need has been cited as the main reason and probably the only reason. The new developments are, despite how it has been worded in the report, against all national and local planning laws for the green belt.

“If you or I lived in the green belt in a conservation area, would we be allowed to build a permanent structure that would affect our neighbours just because a club we were a member of required it?”

The wording of that rather sounds like she doesn't actually live in the area herself but is a professional campaigner, she may well live there but it certainly doesn't sound like it.

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All we need now is Champions League football so we can source more money from sponsorship deals and be in a stronger bargaining position to raise the capital we require to build a new stadium. Tottenham need to increase income to compete on a more level playing field with the top four and Manchester United, not that we will get near Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City.

We need the income to afford the players to get us there but we need to be there to afford to build a new stadium. Everything will now have to wait again while we try and qualify next season for the season after.

It is so important that it is obvious it will not be left to a novice manager and that Louis Van Gaal or Cesare Prandelli will be taking over after the World Cup.

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