Aaron Lennon - What's your opinion?

Is there a Spurs player who doesn't divide opinion? Sandro would probably come closest or perhaps Jan Vertonghen, that's about it.

Aaron Lennon certainly does, there are those like me who support the little guy, it's not his fault if a striker misses a sitter so he doesn't get an assist, then there are those that simply say he can't cross a ball.

Alan Shearer will tell you it is the wingers job to simply put the ball in an area, it is the centre-forwards job to get on the end of it. If he doesn't it's down to him not the winger.
Aaron Lennon divides opinion
Aaron Lennon divides opinion

It's really that argument you have to solve to determine Lennon's worth. Tim Sherwood has praise for him so when he said after the Chelsea game, “There’s a few I’d count on and there’s a few I wouldn’t,” the diminutive winger was obviously in the former category.

His comments on Lennon demonstrate that.

“Until you’re in the job as a manager, you don’t appreciate Aaron Lennon.

“What he does out of possession probably makes him the best defensive player we have got on the pitch. He is so diligent. He recognises when to thicken up and when to put pressure on.

“We have seen in transition how he gets you on the edge of your seat. Aaron knows full well he wants to have more end product – maybe a different area of the field might benefit him."

Does that explain why Tim Sherwood picked him to play behind Adebayor, a tactic that didn't work because John Terry refused to be drawn out of position by the striker, leaving him to Matic when Ade went wider instead.

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Sherwood continued:

“But I’m certain that when you need to rely on someone, he’s on your teamsheet. He gives 100 per cent in every game and leaves nothing on the pitch."

Those were the exact same remarks he made about Sandro recently and he can have no complaints with Adebayor so I think we can exclude these three from his recent public blast at the players.

“He is such a physical specimen" he went on to say. "For a small lad, his high-intensity runs, he gets back in, his desire – when you’re asking him to do all that, to then start saying ‘we want 20 goals or 15 assists’, it’s a bit much.

“There is a balance, but when you’re looking for reliability he’s on your teamsheet.”

I couldn't agree more Tim, he's on my teamsheet ahead of Townsend any day. Quite why James Milner gets in the England squad and Aaron Lennon doesn't is a mystery, they are the same player defensively but Lennon offers more going forward.

But then Roy Hodgson is England manager and he hasn't a clue what he doing apart from saving the FA £4 million a year in wages.

He seems to have been at Spurs for ages, he is one of the experienced guys and yet he is still only 26!

Against Chelsea he was making his 250th Spurs Premier League appearance and David Moyes is said to have ear marked him as a replacement for Valencia this summer along with Jan Vertonghen for the departing Vidic.

Transfermarkt value Aaron Lennon at £13 million (€15m) and many Spurs fans would be happy to take that price. Mind you these Spurs fans seem to want to sell every homegrown player, oblivious to the fact we have to have 8 named in the 25 man 1st XI squad for the Premier League.

No Aaron Lennon is a player who should stay.

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