Would Daniel Levy buy a £40 million striker?

Potential Incomings

Kevin Constant linked with Spurs
Kevin Constant linked with Spurs
AC Milan utility man Kevin Constant has been linked with Spurs. The 26 year-old Guinean international keeps asking the Italian giants for a move and is expected to be granted his wish this summer.

A midfielder currently playing at left-back but a bit like Jan Vertonghen rather reluctantly it would seem if his continual requests for a move are anything to go by.

AC Milan have been offering the player to European clubs with the Italian media suggesting a fee of £3 million will be asked.

Unsurprisingly we have now been linked with Liverpool target 24 year-old Yevhen Konoplyanka who scored the penalty for Dnipro against us in the Europa League on Thursday night. It is quite usual when playing a club for the media to link a player to their opponents to raise interest in a game and sell more papers.

It is reported Liverpool had agreed a fee of £15 million for him in January but the deal fell through when the Russian clubs owner refused to sign any paperwork.

It is being suggested that Spurs are now interested in Athletico Madrid striker Diego Costa. You will remember the ludicrous story about Tim Sherwood being ready to accept £8 million for Roberto Soldado from Athletico which would be dependent of Costa leaving.

It's not hard to see why this story has arisen. Daniel Levy of course wouldn't dream of letting Soldado go for anything like £8 million having paid £26 million for him. Only around £4 million of that was dependent upon games, performance etc.

Diego Costa would cost around £40 million and given we have spent £56 million on two flops, Soldado and Lamela, the suggestion is Levy and Baldini realise they should have signed a top quality striker. Sorry but I don't buy that one, would Daniel Levy buy a £40 million striker?

Our chairman thought he had signed a quality finisher and may well shy away from lashing out big money again. In the past he has looked at around £20 million as his ceiling, which now seems to have jumped to £30 million but would he raise it again, I'm not so sure.

It entirely depends upon who is in charge during the summer and who that individual wants. If a deal is in place to bring someone in we do not know so transfers in and transfers out are all pure guesswork at the moment. If a new Head Coach were to be appointed he would want to look at what he had, if he is not doing so already.

Luka Modric - I love Spurs'
Van Der Vaart - 'I miss Spurs'

Potential Outgoings

Sports Direct News understands, well that would be a first, that Inter Milan want Etienne Capoue, which won't disappoint Tim Sherwood and Erik Lamela. However Daniel Levy is not going to take a big loss on the Argentinian Lamela who he feels will come good at White Hart Lane. It is hoped a summer settling period under a potential new Head Coach may be the answer.

The infamous 'source' was used, who are these sources, a cleaner, a car park attendant, anyway this 'source' has apparently said: "There appears to be interest from Inter Milan in both Erik and Etienne. I don't know what the club's precise plans for those players are at the moment, but it wouldn't be a big surprise if they both left."

I don't know what their precise plans are, you mean you haven't a clue, a bit like Sports Direct themselves really.

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