Will Sherwood be asked take on Levy's Project?

Does Tim Sherwood have a future at White Hart Lane afterall?

That intriguing question still remains after the Everton game yesterday. It had been initially assumed that his appointment as Head Coach would mean an eventual sacking and the parting of the ways for him and Spurs but he may have a future after all.

With Sherwood previously saying he wouldn't want to step down now to a Number Two role, by which he meant back to his role of player development, reports now suggest he would be willing to work and learn from Louis Van Gaal if the right role could be found.

That basically means Assistant Head Coach, a role that was filled by Steffen Freund who seems in a bit of limbo at the moment. Is Les Ferdinand Assistant Head Coach at the moment or is Steffen Freund? Ferdinand is the one Sherwood talks to so Freund seems to be in rather a strange position at the moment. His future must be in doubt.

Daniel Levy met the curent Holland coach Louis Van Gaal when Andre Villas-Boas was sacked but like other national coaches sounded out he wanted to wait until after the World Cup in Brazil this summer.

That meant an interim appointment, thus the totally inexperienced Sherwood being handed a no-win situation. If he secured Champions League football it is highly likely that Levy would bring in an experienced manager, one of the national coaches that become available after the World Cup.

Sherwood is not a daft man, he knows that and having a very good working relationship with Levy he no doubt knows the score. The assumption was that if he failed to get Champions League football that would be a parting of the ways for him and Spurs. His short term 18 month contract ensured a small pay-off. However that may not be the case.

The Spurs Project
Daniel Levy's Spurs Project

It is hard to imagine that Daniel Levy and Tim Sherwood have not discussed the future. AVB was brought in to oversee a project, that project still exists it just needs new leaders. It is logical that Levy and Sherwood have discussed the summer and next season.

They will have discussed whether Tim had a role to play if a new manager came in. I would suspect Daniel Levy has told Tim that if he shows potential then there is a role learning from someone like Louis Van Gaal, perhaps Sherwood feels he is showing that potential, perhaps he feels his 'trial' is going OK.

For some reason many fans don't like Sherwood but he has produced a crop of exciting youngsters so his ability in his former role can't be denied, he has been beneficial to Spurs.

It may just be that he has a future, that he is going to be groomed as a future manager, if he sees eye to eye with Daniel Levy, as he seems to do, then he may well in the long term turn out to be the man who heads the project Andre Villas-Boas was brought in to do.

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