Why do Spurs collapse with 10 men?

The Under 21 team slipped to defeat against Bolton Wanderers at home in the lunchtime kick-off today.

Leading 2-0 at half-time through McEvoy after 22 minutes and Colthirst after 37 minutes the match was there for Spurs to finish off.

However the game turned after 67 minutes when Ball was sent off and a penalty awarded. Bolton duly converted this and 17 minutes later Spurs were losing 5-2 as Bolton scored further goals after 75, 79, 81 and 84 minutes.

A rather dramatic collapse which seems to be a bit of a Spurs trait these days when they have a man sent off. Conceding 4 goals in such a short space of time can be down to two factors because even with 10 men you should be able to make it difficult for the opposition.

Whether the way we concede, be it at senior or junior level, is down to something mental or a lack of organisation it is an area that needs addressing. Other teams don't seem to let in 5 goals when they lose a man but the Arsenal and Man City results immediately spring to mind with our boys.

Danny Rose sent-off
Danny Rose wrongly sent off vs Man City

It seems that once we concede one the players are resigned to losing and certainly against Man City forgot the role they were supposed to be playing. Vlad Chiriches started running around like headless chicken simply chasing the ball leaving Dawson with the unenviable and impossible task of trying to mark 2 strikers on his own.

One one player in that situation loses their discipline it throws the whole team out of joint. Once one starts ball chasing others then have to start fire fighting for him, by that I mean they have to abandon their responsibility and move out of position to block shots they shouldn't have to, leaving other players free.

A quality side like Man City simply then keep their composure and exploit that ruthlessly. Talking of ruthlessness, which Spurs rarely seem to display, we have to give them a pat on the back for doing so against Newcastle United. More of the same please chaps, it makes a difference when it's 0-0 and tight, one piece of ruthless finishing can win a game so keep honing that ruthless skill towards the end of games.

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