Why Dawson should not be sold

Recently in the news was stories of Fiorentina being are after 28 year-old Younes Kaboul and that they were going to temp him with the offer of big wages.

Kaboul has had another season disrupted by injury after injuring himself at Newcastle in 2012. Spurs had asked Kaboul to prove his fitness before they offered him a new contract, his current one has a year left to run.

Coming back again against Newcastle he looked like his old self as Spurs thrashed the home side 4-0. If Kaboul is now over his injuries then this spell towards the end of the season could define his future. However he didn't play against Dnipro in the Europa League on Thursday and he didn't play on Sunday in the defeat at Norwich City because he is injured again.

Fiorentina want to offer him a lucrative 2 year deal as any transfer fee would be small wit so little time left on his current deal but a good end of season will probably see Tottenham offer him a 2 or 3 year extension.

Thinking about the offer and our general centre-back problems we have been having for the last few seasons it seems, Dawson suddenly becomes a central figure.

Jan Vertonghen is undisputed number one, if fit picked every week, but if we don't achieve Champions League which looks very unlikely and Manchester City come in for him, unthinkable as it may be, he could leave.

Younes Kaboul simply can't be relied on to be fit at the moment. Maybe a summer off will change that but can anyone guarantee that? When fit he is the number two and would form a great defensive pairing with Jan, but how much will he play?

Vlad Chiriches is simply nowhere near top four standard. He is short and therefore struggles to win headers in the air, an absolutely essential element for a centre-back, West Ham for instance simply kicked the ball at him, won the headers and tucked the knock downs into the net. He can't read a game, passes to the opposition in our own half, tries to be too clever one-on-one and gets easily beaten by any ball played on his left hand side.

It would be impossible to achieve Champions League if he played every week, just as I posted at the beginning of the season that it would be if Danny Rose played every week. Chiriches is a last resort, indeed he should be sold this summer, fast.

Michael Dawson has many critics, too slow, plays too many long balls, misses tackles etc. Yes he has his faults but, he is at least one centre-half you can rely on and with the way ours are always injured that is essential. Dawson's weakness is one-on-one but despite what some Spurs fans think he is a decent centre-half at Premier League level.

He also happens to be English which is rather important when you consider Rose isn't good enough. We have to have our quota so we have to have home grown players. Keeping Michael Dawson, the modern day Mr Spurs, therefore becomes a sensible option on those two counts, reliable to be drafted in when needed and fills a homegrown quota. There is the small matter of allowing him to play in the Europa League so one of your two first choices gets a rest.

Do we sell Kaboul? Will Vertonghen go? The centre-back position is a problem that will need to be addressed this summer. Our new Head Coach, surely a certainty this summer, will have his own ideas of course.

A fit Kaboul and we have three centre-backs we can rely on, assuming Vertonghen stays, which would just mean replacing Chiriches.

If Vertonghen leaves than we could be looking at a major overhaul in the centre of defence. Could we end up selling as many as three this summer? It's not beyond the realms of possibility but for his homegrown status and fitness record Michael Dawson will have to be retained.

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