Van Der Vaart - 'I miss Spurs'

Former Spurs crowd favourite say Louis Van Gaal would be a fantastic appointment for Spurs when his stint as Holland boss ends after the World Cup in Brazil this summer.

Two names seen constantly to be in the frame to replace Sherwood in the summer, who was signed with an 18 month contract but in most supporters eyes an interim Head Coach until the summer.
Van Der Vaart I do miss Spurs
Van Der Vaart - "I do miss Spurs"

Prior to Sherwood being appointed Daniel Levy sounded out both 62 year-old Van Gaal and Italy's 56 year-old Cesare Prandelli. Neither were available until after the World Cup though and both would welcome the chance to work in the Premier League.

Van der Vaart moved to Hamburg from Tottenham in August 2012 after two years in London and has been captaining Holland through qualification.

“He would be great at Tottenham, and not just for him but for Tottenham as well.He’s a great manager. He knows how to win big games and how to talk to a team.

“It’s something special when every training session is 100 per cent, and he knows so much about football. You see it in his meetings and how he talks to his players.

“Tottenham are always one of the best football-playing teams in Europe, but they bought too many players. It’s important also for the fans that they keep the players who were already there for many years, so when the people come to the stadium they have a feeling with the players. That’s the most important thing.

“In the coming years, there’s a good chance for them to lift the Premier League.

“Bale's a great player, who scored many goals last season, and he’s a big loss, for sure. He’s got a good mentality, a good guy, quiet; there’s no arrogance or anything.

“To be fair, he was a good player then, but I didn’t expect Real Madrid to pay €100 million for him. Now he has to prove it.”

“I really loved it at Tottenham. I still miss it sometimes: the great people there, the stadium, the fans, it’s something special. But I wanted to go back to Hamburg and the chance came and I took it. I’m also happy here, but I do miss Spurs sometimes.”

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