The Metro & Utter Stupidity

The Metro have done it again. The outlet renown for absurd stories and pure invention, often through the clown with the haircut, have come out with another.
Soldado struggling at Spurs
Roberto Soldado is struggling at Spurs

Spurs may sell Roberto Soldado to Athletico Madrid in the summer after he has flopped thus far at Spurs. Yeah OK fair enough, Spurs could well consider it but the story starts to fall apart over two rather significant factors.

Firstly they tell us Tim Sherwood might sell him, well Tim Sherwood is effectively on a temporary contract until the summer when another man will be appointed. No players were bought in January because Spurs don't know who is going to be in charge and which players they would want. Equally it was not a time to sell players either for the same reason.

Whoever takes over or if Sherwood stays in the job which is unlikely, decisions will only be made in the summer. You do not start changing a squad for a temporary manager so unless he is given a longer contract Spurs will not be making wholesale changes.

However it is the second point that marks this story down as utter stupidity. The Metro claim Tim Sherwood might accept a bid of £8 million! There is absolutely no way Daniel Levy would take a £16 million hit on a player, no way at all.

Utter lunacy.

Roberto is lacking in confidence and is hoping to put things right. With him not firing it is doubtful we can afford to sell him so he may well be with us another season when he and us will expect to see the goalscorer we signed, especially now Defoe is leaving in a week.

“Many thanks for the messages of support. I am sure that if I had scored my chance we would have won the game,” Soldado said to the Spurs fans.

“I know that the people expect a lot from me and they still haven’t seen it yet. I will keep working hard for those people and I will get there.”

Jan Vertonghen had some words of comfort for his out of touch teammate though.

“I wouldn’t say it was a very hard chance, but the pitch didn’t help. It’s sad for him because he scores from every angle in training.

“He’s getting less chances than he did in Spain but he will start doing well. He has to adapt his game and we have to help him more.

“Roberto is determined to prove himself and he did well when he played with Adebayor up front.

“He just needs a few more games. At some time he will score one and he won’t stop scoring. I hope this day is coming soon.”

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