The fantasy world of One Day Ramos

Tottenham flop Juande Ramos, the Spanish manager who couldn't hack it in the Premier League and left us bottom of the table has demonstrated in an interview a managers lack of grasp of the realities of football.

Juande Ramos Spurs FlopSo many managers and fans are clueless when it comes to business, thinking an owner or a club should simply spend recklessly like a Labour government wanting to screw up the countries finances for the next party in power.

People need to realise you have to live within your means, you can not do a Leeds and simply gamble the clubs future away. Remember Leeds, Champions League semi-finals, spend spend spend and oh dear we can't pay our debts. Down they dropped like a stone, Wolves, Portsmouth, Coventry, Sheffield United, Sheffield Wednesday, Leicester City, the list goes on.

Yes it's difficult when budgets say you can't sign the best players on the top wages, that's life. To suggest a club doesn't want to win the title simply because it won't risk it's whole future for a managers whim is absurd. But that's One Day Ramos now managing out in some backwater unable to command a proper job any more.

"Spurs sold Gareth Bale in the summer and with the €100million (£86m) they have signed five or six players.

"They will see if any of those players take off and then maybe sell them on and reinvest: that's the business plan.

"It works well but you have to ask the question: what are you trying to achieve? Are you trying to win money or titles? The sporting side is the priority at Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea.

"(Manchester) City sign Jesus Navas, Alvaro Negredo. They don't look at the age of the player, they look at the performances. Spurs look at the age, thinking of a future sale.

"I advised them to sign Luka Modric. He spent a couple of years developing and started performing well and they sold him.

"Why aren't Spurs going to win the league? Because they are always a small step below those three or four teams. Economically it works well but in sporting terms it needs a slight tuning. What are you chasing? Titles or economic success?"

He fails to point out that all three of those clubs have an income in access of £100 million more than us, that kinds makes a big difference. Has this guy ever heard of Financial Fair Play?

Players play for money, we all know that. Contracts are not worth the paper they are written on. The player is a financial asset, if he demands a move because Joe Bloggs FC want to pay him more and it doesn't get his move all he has to do is mope around and put in no effort. His value goes down and the asset becomes a liability simply draining your resources.

AVB had to go because we were paying Adebayor a huge wage and forcing him to do nothing. An asset has to play, AVB refused to grasp the economics of the game so it was goodbye.

These managers sometimes live in a dream world, a fantasy land, they want to create something for themselves without a thought for their employer.

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