Spurs game in doubt

The Tottenham game has been put in grave doubt after President decrees no sporting fixtures to be played on Thursday

The Ukrainian President has declared that Thursday should be a day of mourning for the 20 who died in the Kiev riots on Monday as anti-government protesters clashed with Police in the countries capital, some 250 miles from Dnipro.

Dnipro vs Spurs
Dnipro vs Spurs game in doubt
UEFA were unable to shed any light on the situation with a spokesman saying:

"In regard to Tottenham, the team are there, and they have held a press conference, so as it stands, there is no indication the game will not go ahead."

Tottenham have received no indication that the game may be called off after reports that Viktor Yanukovych, the President of Ukraine since February 2010, decreed that there should be no sporting fixtures can take place during the 24 hour shut down on Thursday.

Tim Sherwood was asked by reporters at a press conference if winning the Europa League or finishing in the top four would look better on his CV.

"On the CV of a manager? To win, obviously, to win a trophy would look better. We’ve seen it over the years, the number of managers who have won this trophy and gone on to bigger and better things.

"The priority of the club is to achieve both, and I believe we have a big enough and good enough squad to do that. But anyone saying that winning trophies is not the biggest and best thing to have on your CV is lying.

"Of course, it is never great to see scenes of violence in any country at any time, but we have to focus on playing football and getting the job done. Hopefully that will be the case, and we will leave here in a happy frame of mind tomorrow night.

"This is the only cup competition we are left in, the only remaining chance of silverware this season, and we aim to prove we have enough strength in depth to keep progressing."

Michael Dawson, who you would expect to play having taken part in the press conference, was quite amused by Juande Ramos's claim that Spurs sat down to 'wedding buffet' style meals and that the team ate hamburgers and drank coke at McDonalds.

"It was quite funny really to read that. When he took over, he changed a lot of things, and diet was certainly one of them. But it was very interesting to see, in the interview he did, that there was a McDonalds round the corner from our training ground in Chigwell.

"Last time I looked, there wasn’t. I’m not sure where he saw that! He said we were all overweight, and, to be fair, a lot of the lads did shed a good few pounds but it’s what happens on the pitch that’s most important, and the simple fact is, we weren’t performing at the time he left.

"I had a hard time under him. There’s no hiding away from that. But what happened is history to me. We had some top players at the club at the time, while I was a young kid who was perhaps not performing as well as I might. You have to take responsibility for that, as a player, so I’ve got nothing against him.

Emmanuel Adebayor has not travelled as was expected, he has been nursing a dead leg for the last few games. Aaron Lennon, Kyle Walker and Mousa Dembele have all been left at home to tend to minor injuries ahead of the Norwich game on Sunday whilst Vlad Chiriches, Erik Lamela and Gylfi Sigurdsson all miss the game through injury.

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