Slow News Day = Muck Raking Time

Spurs fans are well aware that certain newspapers dislike the club ans like to try and stir up trouble whenever they can. With little meaningful football being played that time appears to have come around again.

Spurs Head Coach Tim Sherwood
Tim Sherwood on the transfer committee
So who will they pick on this time? Well this time it seems they have decided to go behind the scenes and try to create divisions there. Franco Baldini is supposedly the man under the microscope.

The story doing the rounds is that he is coming under 'increasing pressure' from the Spurs board simply because 1 signing has failed to fire. Eril Lamela was bought as Gareth Bale's direct replacement, young, talented, creates, scores, he was to be the added extra to the team.

However 6 months after signing he wants to go back to Italy, unhappy and not enjoying life in a foreign land where it seems he still hasn't learnt the language, Pavlyuchenko style.

Spurs Director of Football Franco Baldini
Franco Baldini transfer negotiator?
It is claimed Daniel Levy and Tim Sherwood have clashed with him, well we already know Sherwood is not his greatest fan so presumably this is what has inspired the story during a slow news time.

It seems to have been forgotten that Spurs used a transfer committee of which Tim Sherwood was a part of. Despite who recommended a player everyone had their input before a group decision was reached on each purchase.

Trying to create divisions in this manner is ill conceived but they must sell papers mustn't they. If everyone had to leave after one signing who has not lived up to their billing then there would be nobody working in football!

At the moment Spurs are in flux, nothing can happen until the summer. I fully expect to see Daniel Levy appoint a new manager, regardless of where we finish under Tim Sherwood, with Tim then moving to a number 2 role to learn the ropes.

Spurs Chairman Daniel Levy
Daniel Levy has the final say
Tim Sherwood and Daniel Levy get on, it is no secret that Levy regards Sherwood highly and that is demonstrated by taking the huge gamble of appointing him Head Coach to steer the ship in the short term. If as I suspect Levy has now decided he wants him in the role long term, then learning from a senior man day-to-day may well be the educational path the Spurs chairman has mapped out for him.

I expect we will have one of the departing World Cup managers with Louis Van Gaal the favourite, although the Italian press seem to think a deal with the national manager Cesare Prandelli has already been agreed.

If that is the plan then it will be the new Head Coach deciding who he wants to work with and who he doesn't, which players he wants and which he doesn't.

In the meantime stories like this are easy to write to fill a few inches for the tabloids.

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