Sell Emmanuel Adebayor now

Stan Collymore suggest in his column for one daily rag that Tottenham Head Coach Tim Sherwood should take his advice and get rid of Spurs hitman Emmanuel Adebayor now.

Spurs Hitman Emmanuel Adebayor
Spurs hitman Emmanuel Adebayor
His whole argument is that he is temperamental so best ditch him in case he doesn't fancy it again and turns back into the go through the motions Adebayor of last year.

Collymore feels Adebayor is affected by off field situations too much and that this unsettles a dressing room when a special case has to be made for him. Stan of course would know all about being moody and unsettling a dressing room.

It is true some players need an arm round them, some need to know they are loved, some just need a kick up the backside. The bottom line surely is if you feel you can keep motivating an individual, if you can then keep him, if you doubt your ability then the time is right to let him go.

With Adebayor it's all about playing regularly, if he plays he is happy, if he expects to play he is happy and he'll produce the goods. It's when he doesn't think he is a first choice that we don't see the best of him.

Once again until we know the situation in the summer with a new manager or not we won't know what players to keep and who we will be letting go. There is no doubt that when he fancies it he is a top class striker and as such we ought to be keeping him, to find another who will slot in and score is not always easy as we have seen with Soldado.

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