Platini wants to stop the 'Stupid Rule'

Micael Platini was a skillful French international who clearly disliked being tackled. Upon retiring he has risen up to head UEFA and has sought to banish tackling to the sidelines. His vision has produced a world of divers and cheats who scream in pain and hold the wrong part of the anatomy when they have hardly been touched, if touched at all.
Michel Platini 'Stupid Rule'
Michel Platini wants to end the  'Stupid Rule'
It was a masterstoke of forward thinking. Referees give free kicks for the merest touch, yet you can have a fight at a corner and go unnoticed.

Alas the nutty Frenchman has not stopped there, now he wants to banish the 'stupid rule.' He wants the 'triple punishment' to end

The 'triple punishment' for those of you not aware, is the awarding of a penalty, the sending off of a player and his subsequent ban.

Before the qualifying draw for the European Championships 2016 he told reporters:

"For 15 years we have been trying to change this rule. All the technical committees of UEFA and FIFA are against this but when it has gone to the International Board (IFAB) it doesn't change."

This has come about because of two incidents in the Champions League when Man City and Arsenal players committed fouls and had to be sent off.

Michel Platini stop triple punishment
Michel Platini - Stop triple punishments
"Arsene Wenger said the referee killed the game but the referee had no choice - he has to respect this stupid rule" said Platini. "I am against it, and I want it to be changed

What the UEFA President is effectively saying is that a team should not be punished only have the chance of being punished for commiting fouls, which quite frankly is ludicrous. Awarding a penalty is not a punishment if the player misses, it is only the opportunity to be punished you are giving and that can not be right.

So what if it ruins a game, a player does not have to commit a foul, changing the rule simply gives him carte blanche to do so.

In December last year, Platini said: "I would change the system of cautions. I would do it like in rugby, where the perpetrator would be punished by being off the pitch for 10 or 15 minutes of the game. That means the team they are facing would benefit in the same match."

So all a team has to do is pack the defence for 10 minutes, and remember in every minute the ball is out of play for on average 20 seconds (in rugby they stop the clock Mr Platini), then they have got away with stopping a goal scott free, it's a rule that would allow cheats to prosper.

Time wasting would increase and you would lose more like 30 seconds a minute than 20, you would actually only 'punish' a side for 5 or 7 minutes and that is no punishment at all. Every manager in the world would take that 'punishment' at the drop of a hat.

Perhaps this is his back door way of allowing defenders to make tackles in the sterile footballing world he has created.

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The answer is for players not to commit fouls and if they are to punish them, oh yes we have that system in place already! Give the referee and his assistants video technology to help them get these decisions right (as they do in rugby Mr Platini and you refuse to allow), then the likes of Danny Rose would not get sent off and the culprit of cheating would get booked.

Michel Platini wants rule changes
Michel Platini proposes changes
FIFA president Sepp Blatter in a rare moment of lucid thought said he though the punishment was fit and proper, not words you'd normally associate with him. It is rare that I agree with anything that comes out of a corrupt FIFA organisation, but I have to agree with him here.

UEFA's executive committee has proposed including the issue on the agenda for next week's meeting of the International Football Association Board. This comprises 4 members from FIFA and 4 members of the International Football Association, 9 of which would have to vote for the amendment to be approved.

I'm hoping for another French defeat.

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