New contract offer for Bentaleb

Spurs will be holding discussions with Nabil Bentaleb's representatives over a new improved contract soon it has been revealed in Algerian news.

Bentaleb signed a contract last October until 2018 and he will be tied down to a long term deal. Negotiations with his agent from ISI/MARNEB Sport Management and Consultancy will begin soon but with his immediate international future to sort out as well those discussions are having to wait. There is no immediate rush by either party, his agents are aware we wish to reward his performances with an improved deal and they are keen to secure him a new Spurs contract as well so there are no complications expected.

Tottenham player contracts usually run from July until the end of June each year so his current contract is until 30th June 2018.
Nabil Bentaleb Spurs
Nabil Bentaleb emerging at Spurs

He has had his ups and downs and Spurs have benefited where others have lost out.

"Tottenham was my last chance to succeed.

"I have been released several times by many clubs where I really thought I'd be taken, and many clubs would not open their doors to me after tests deemed inconclusive. Lille released me at 14, just when I started to seriously dream to become a professional footballer.

"This was a very difficult time for me but then there were others. Two options are available to me, or give up and give reason for my detractors and those who did not believe in me or persevere despite the obstacles and prove them wrong.

"Tottenham was my last chance to break into this business and luckily I was able to meet this ultimate challenge and that club gave me confidence. I do not want to pressure me too much, just continue to give everything for my team every game. "

Lille rejected Nabil Bentaleb at the age of 14, he was no longer allowed to even train with them. A little bit of his fiery character, the suspicion is that this is what has held clubs back, is revealed when he says:

"At 14, I dreamed of being a professional player, and all of a sudden, Lille has broken my dreams, it's hard. That's why I consider this success as a good little revenge."

Clearly he has channelled that 'revenge' in the right way and he seems able to hold his temper in the rough world of Premier League football.

The commentator against Newcastle was calling him French and suggesting England were interested, which they are, but it is believed the tussle for his international services is already made. France or Algeria.

"I'm flattered and I will focus on my club gigs at the moment and we will see later. We'll see where this will lead us."

His Algerian parents, he was born in Lille, are in no doubt as to whom they want him to play for after discussions with Algerian FAF president Mohamed Raouraoua.

"Our dearest wish is to see our son play for Algeria. We will be honored and proud to see the Algerian jersey. If it were up to us, we all sign on, but Nabil is 19. We can not decide for him. We want him to make this decision alone. We will of course inform him of the contents of this discussion. We will also encourage them to come and play for Algeria, but in the end it is their own concern. This is his career is his life and it is up to him to decide. I can already assure you that already Nabil is very attached to Algeria. He was raised in a typical Algerian community. It has instilled our culture, our traditions, our religion ... But as I have said, we want the OK out of his mouth, not ours ... "

The Football Association have met with Bentaleb to court him nut sources close to him say he has opted for Algeria.

"It's true, I can confirm. Nabil has received a proposal from the English Federation to join the England team. This happened recently, I do not remember the exact day. The player was contacted by a member of the federation.

"The player is not interested in the idea of joining the England team. This is not an interesting project for him. So he declined the proposal of the English Federation.

March 5th is a crucial date in Nabil Bentaleb's future, it's the date Algeria play Slovenia and it's a game they want to select him for to secure his services.

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