Jan Vertonghen the next big name to go

There are danger signs looming for Tottenham Hotspur. Having lost the services of Rafael Van Der Vaart, the current Holland captain who left for Germany to try to save his marriage, Spurs have also in recent seasons lost the services of Luka Modric and Gareth Bale in different circumstances.

You could of course add to that list Dimitar Berbatov who left for Manchester United for £30.75 million at the end of the summer transfer window in 2008. Luka Modric left for Real Madrid for £30 million in the same window in 2012 and then Gareth Bale also left for Real Madrid at the end of the summer transfer window in 2013 for £85.3 million.

Rafael Van Der Vaart is fondly remembered at Spurs who he left in a professional manner. Berbatov, Modric and Bale all forced a move and refused to play to do so. Bale even refused to be seen in a Spurs shirt and have his photo taken when the club went of it's pre-season tour to the Far East for the Barclays Asia trophy.

Quality players will always want to play at the highest level where they can get Champions League football and maximise their wage potential. Spurs can not compete with that, they are stuck in a vicious circle needing Champions League football to attract the sponsors to build a new stadium and needing the extra revenue from a new stadium to attract the players to get them into the Champions League.

It seems elusively just out of reach each season.

Hugo Lloris in answer to a specific question said he would only review his situation at the end of the season with as we know other clubs interested in his who can offer Champions League football. There is however another danger looming, the potential loss of Jan Vertonghen, could he be the next big name to go?

Manchester City want Spurs stand-out centre-half this summer and as we have seen with Arsenal, if Man City want a player they just throw money at them and the move happens. Vertonghen does not seem the type of guy who would go on strike but who really knows.

Since signing for Spurs in 2012 from Dutch side Ajax Vertonghen has put in high quality performances that have attracted the attention of Manchester City and Barcelona. As a crowd favourite the Spurs faithful will want to hang on to him. Barcelona are a huge attraction to a player in the same manner Real Madrid are. This could be a difficult summer for Spurs and Daniel Levy in the team do not qualify for the Champions League.

Manchester City under their Chilean manager Manuel Pellegrini, can offer Vertonghen Champions League football, a massive increase in wages, titles, trophies and partnering fellow Belgian Vincent Kompany, arguably the best centre-back in the Premier League.

Spurs for all their ambition and potential simply can't compete with that. A look at the finances of both clubs shows the disparity, which has all come about by owners money and owner influenced inflated sponsorship deals.

Man City turnover 2011/12 £231m
Spurs turnover 2011/12 £144m
(Man U £320m, Arsenal £245m, Chelsea £261m, Liverpool £169m)

Man City gate and match day income £22m
Spurs gate and match day income £21m
(Man U £99m, Arsenal £95m, Chelsea £78m, Liverpool £42m)

Man City TV and Broadcasting Income £88m
Spurs TV and Broadcasting Income £59m
(Man U £104m, Arsenal £85m, Chelsea £113m, Liverpool £63m)

There are significant differences there which show Spurs as the paupers who have to cut their cloth accordingly. The need to attain Champions League football to develop the club and take it to the next level is obvious.

If Vertonghen were to leave fans will of course moan about loyalty but the Steve Perryman or current day Steve Gerrard's of this world very rarely exist anymore. Whether you like Liverpool or not you have to admire Gerrard's loyalty to them, he's a throw back to a footballer of yesteryear.

This summer could see plenty of money changing place at White Hart Lane again.

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