It's unlikely Erik Lamela has a future at Spurs

It comes as no surprise that Erik Lamela is struggling to cope with life in England. He may have travelled at a young age from Argentina to Italy but he is still just a kid. He doesn't speak English, he can't talk to anyone in the street, at the supermarket, at the club.

I tried to point out when he arrived the importance of language, the importance of being able to communicate, the loneliness, the isolation, the despair you can get into, communicating is absolutely vital to mental well being.
Has Erik Lamela a future at Spurs?
Unlikely Erik Lamela has a future at Spurs

Anyone who has dealt with people who suffer from depression or a mental breakdown will tell you the most important aspect is simply being their when needed. You can't talk someone out of it it has to come from within.

Supporters simply think of football as going onto a pitch and playing but that is, to be honest, an insanely simplistic and naive way of looking thinking about it. Players communicate all the time on a football pitch, it is not all done with pointed fingers!

Erik Lamela can play football, of that there is no doubt, but even on a football field whilst everyone is talking he is still alone, simply hearing words he doesn't understand. He can't communicate with his full-back for instance to arrange who will cover who, a simple shout of cover me would be met with a blank expression by which time damage could have been done.

Players talk to each other, they tell each other where to go, what to do, they shout they are free, they shout to play it long, they tell you they are free, the whole game is one big chat, but not for Erik. He has had niggling injuries and hasn't been able to get into the team to even feel a part of everything. Even in the area he excels, football, he is an outsider, the kid nobody talks to, isolated, alone. A training ground laugh and a joke, meaningless. A team bonding exercise, he like the kid your mum has asked you to take along because he doesn't get on with anybody.

Take yourself off to some foreign land, go sit in a locals bar on your own and you'll get a faint idea of what the boy is up against. You'll be sat in your own world with your own thoughts. Now if you have to do that over and over again you can retreat into your shell, just as it seems Lamela has done.

Tim Sherwood has finally admitted to the fans that the Argentinian is struggling to cope.

“It is difficult to adapt to a different country, a different league and a different language as well but when you are suffering up these niggles, and something more than minor at the moment, it is disappointing for the lad.

"We signed him for the long-term and we are sure that in the end he will come good for Tottenham and be a crowd favourite here.”

Does he still have a future at The Lane? If he can't master the language then i'd say no. If he can somehow find a way to adapt then maybe he does, maybe a new coach will see him come to the fore.

If not there are plenty of clubs who would be wiling to take him. His agent has made no secret that his client wants to return to Italy, that suggests to me that Erik Lamela is not going to adapt, that he has almost given up hope of doing so.

That creates a problem. We paid a lot of money for him and clubs will want him on the cheap, they are in a strong bargaining position. Levy is in a weak one, everyone knows he is struggling, he's not playing, we can't demand top dollar or if we want to really sell.

It is reported Inter Milan, Napoli and Juventus all want him, indeed Inter tried to get him on the cheap in January but we were not interested in taking a loss.

I can see a summer transfer with months of poker finally ending in August. I'd like Lamela to stay, adapt and shine because I think he is a huge talent but my head tells me it is unlikely to happen. My head tells me it's farewell Erik.

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