Holtby 'I have no problem with Tim Sherwood'

Lewis Holtby joined Fulham from Spurs on loan for the remainder of the season during the winter transfer window in January. With a World Cup coming up the only way to force himself into the German squad was to play and that was not happening under Tim Sherwood at White Hart Lane.

With an abundance of midfield players and a switch to 4-4-2 there seemed little chance of enough game time so a temporary move was in both parties best interests.
Lewis Holtby Spurs future
Does Lewis Holtby have a Spurs future?

“I don’t know what’s going to happen. There could be a new manager at Tottenham or Tim Sherwood could stay – there are so many possibilities,” he said.

“I have a half-season loan here at the moment and my task, and the team’s task, is to stay in the Premier League. If I think about the summer I’m not thinking about the task in hand.

“We are fighting to stay out of the drop zone and then there are other talks or whatever. But I still have a long contract at Tottenham.”

Holtby added: “I’m still trying to figure out what the problem was at Spurs.

“In the summer they bought seven or eight players and with a lot of high-quality players in the team it was always difficult for the gaffer.

“I’m not in the gaffer’s head but it was always difficult to select the team.  I have nothing bad to say about Tim Sherwood.

“He was very fair to me. He was always honest with me and he helped me with my loan to Fulham.

“He has been a player and he knows how it feels to be on the bench.

“What I’m thinking now Fulham staying in the Premier League.

“After that you never know what’s going to happen in the future.”

If Spurs are to have a new Head Coach this summer he may well have a future at Spurs, if a new man comes in and like him then Lewis Holtby's career could blossom the way Spurs hoped it would when they bought him a year ago.

There is so much that could happen at Spurs that no player can really know where they stand and that can't be good for performances on the field. With that in mind you have to applaud the work that Tim Sherwood has dome thus far.

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