Has Sherwood been reading THBN?

Regular readers of THBN - Tottenham Hotspur Blog News will know we have been looking at officials and how they can be helped to get more decisions right and no decide the result of games themselves through bad decisions and sending offs.

The consequences in the money game of football today are simply too dramatic to ignore. Officials can cost Champions League places, cause relegation, set club development back years quite apart from managers losing their jobs and the financial implications their wrong decisions have.

Both codes of rugby, cricket and tennis have all introduced video replays into their sport without negative effects on the crowd, the watching TV audience, the players, the officials or the game, so clearly the time is right for football to follow suit.

Part of our review was to highlight simulation and suggest that the video review panel who sit in judgement of the cards dished out should be tasked with reviewing simulation, or diving and cheating as it should rightly be referred to. We also incorporated into that feigning injury with players these days the biggest wimps the game has ever seen it would seem.

Feb 2nd - Feigning Injury Should Be Video Reviewed

So what has Tim Sherwood come out with today, only that players play-acting should be retrospectively punished. I am delighted to know you are reading Tim and I hope you are taking note of my selection suggestions, lol.

Andy Carroll was sent off for a flailing arm which West Ham appealed against and lost. Sherwood said:

"I think it makes it clear that Andy Carroll is vitally important to West Ham's future.

"They don't want to lose him for this period of time, but I think you've had to take every incident in isolation.

"West Ham feel aggrieved that it hasn't been overturned. We made an appeal with Danny Rose and we got that one overturned and I think that was unanimous.

"One thing I would say, not just on that incident but about what we have been seeing recently, is the feigning of injury from players, which is something we want to keep out of the game.

"Retrospectively I would go back and punish the player who is diving around more than the player causing the offence.

"I think that is the only way you are going to ever cut it out, to go back and give them a higher punishment."

THBN - Tottenham Hotspur Blog News is obviously in wholehearted agreement.

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