Unfulilled potential

Whatever anybodies views on Jermain Defoe are there can be no doubt that he has given loyal service, which is rare in today's game.

He speaks of having blue in his blood, of loving Spurs and it's fans. For once I think we can take that as genuine and not the usual PR you get from players and managers these days.

For me he is a player who frustrated, who didn't attack the 6 yard box to score the tap-ins that Robbie Keane learnt to do while with us. Jermain was/is good but not quite good enough, yet too good to let anyone else have.

Sounds daft, but that's where he fits for me. He'll score goals, he'll have a spell of scoring goals, he'll score goals against lesser teams, but then he'll frustrate, he'll have a long barren spell.

Had he added 6 yard box poacher to his game then he would have been a 20 goal a year man every year. Unfulfilled potential.

I can't blame him for leaving for a nice pay day in Toronto and wish him every happiness there.

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