Slow passing costs Spurs

Back down to earth with a bump, half chances not taken, an idiotic moment you expect from Chiriches not Rose, although Chiriches tried to emulate it and a performance that made life easy for Arsenal. Eriksen looks like a good Premier League player but nothing more, I have my doubts that he will turn into the top player we want him to be.

But on to the game as a whole, what went wrong, why was it so easy for the Gunners because in truth it was. There was one significant difference between the two sides, which is a legacy of the AVB era. Spurs passed the ball slowly, Arsenal passed it at pace.

Sometimes we take far too long deciding which pass to make but the important point is when we do pass the ball we do so so it trickles to the player and he stands about waiting for it. The opposition have plenty of time to jog into a new defensive position and retain their shape. We are not moving them around so we pass the ball to the other wing to rely on them doing something.

If you pass the ball at pace you make the opposition think faster, run faster, work harder, you induce mistakes, you create openings and opportunities to exploit. Passing slowly you are less likely to do so as we saw yesterday.

If there was one change we could make to improve the team it would be that, to pass the ball to each other quicker. These are professional footballers, they can control a ball that is played to them at something faster than crawling speed.

Let's hope our coaches can see that because it would improve us significantly.

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