Sherwood - Soldado has a great mentality

It would seem that Roberto Soldado is not one of the players Tim Sherwood has branded with having the wrong attitude and being unprofessional.

Spurs striker Roberto Soldado
Spurs striker Roberto Soldado
Soldado has struggled at Spurs and not scored the goals expected of him, but when you consider the fact the side simply didn't pass to him under AVB you have a case for arguing why. He played in a front three at Valencia but the 4-3-3 AVB was adopting had a different shape and looked much more like a 4-1-4-1 or even 4-2-3-1 at times. The midfield however were not supporting him so he was isolated. Those tactics have had a knock on effect. They sapped the players confidence, a quality strikers thrive on, Adebayor is a prime example of that.

Any great striker will tell you that when your confidence is low you snatch at chances but that the one thing you must do is keep getting in the positions to score and eventually it will come. Hiding, as some players do, is not an option so it is pleasing that Roberto has been having chances. He had several at Southampton for instance but all were off target, clearly he is getting in the positions to score, doing what all quality strikers do so it seems just a matter of time until he comes good.

It happens to all strikers. Christian Benteke was a potential target last summer until we decided the price was to high, this season he has a three and a half month drought and has netted only 6 times, 2 of those recently as he looks to put that slump behind him.

Soldado has netted 10 goals this season with just half of those in the Premier League. He has missed a few chances recently which tell us that mentally he is a strong player, he is not afraid to miss, he is frustrated when he does and has assisted other players to score. His poor scoring patch in the league will end, he'll come good, Tim Sherwood is sure of it.

“I see him every day in training and he has a great mentality. He keeps working on his game.

“I think he is a goal away from getting back his confidence and going on those goalscoring runs, just like he did for Valencia.

“When he played in Valencia, he played in a front three. It was a different brand of football.

“He is certainly not lacking in desire or character. He is a good lad and liked in the dressing room. He would have liked to have scored more goals and hopefully we can give him the opportunity to do that.”

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