Oh Dear Oh Dear Oh Dear

As expected we were thrashed

Tim Sherwood failedThis was the game to determine if Sherwood was the right man for the job, if we had made progress,  the answer as we all know in our heads if we are honest with ourselves is no.

A goal disallowed and a player sent off yes. They can be used as excuses to trying and justify the scoreline, however how many teams do you see concede 4 when they go down to 10 men, we do it regularly.

Having had a week and a half to prepare, we didn't. Just like to Crystal Palace disaster we had no idea what we were doing, no discernible game plan. Last night merely reinforced my view that the players are simply told to just go out there and do your own thing guys. That can't be the case obviously but that is what it looks like every game.

The writing was on the wall after 4 minutes when Dawson shepherded Aguero across only to see him simply run all the way round the inept Chiriches before hitting the post. I have said it before and I'll say it again, this guy is not a top 4 defender by a long way, he is barely even Premier League standard. We desperately need him out the team and fast.

It only took 14 minutes to expose his weakness again. As every team seems to do now Man City simply passed the ball behind him to his left and he's out the game. Man United did it at least 4 times to him but scored from only one thanks to some abysmal ball control, Man City tucked the ball away as Lloris made a mad dash out leaving himself in no mans land.

Back on the 13th January I wrote a whole article about the Rose &Chiriches left sided pairing being a weak link that affects the solid Walker &Dawson right side pairing.
Rose & Chiriches disrupt Walker & Dawson
In this I did also take note of the left sided players in front of them, Lennon being a help on the right, nobody being a help on the left. Vwertonghen is desperately needed to bring some organisation to that side of the defence, Dawson shouldn't be having to try and teach these guys how to play at this level.

Whilst we were in the midst of our thrashing, the fifth goal I think from a corner I watched Chiriches. Go and have a look at a video because it sums him up for me. He simply went ball chasing running all over the penalty area. I know it was late in the game but the point is about organisation, you have a job to do in a system, if you run around like a headless chicken a system goes to pot and everyone else is in a panic trying to do there own job and yours.

The result is fire fighting, the nearest man and usually more than one man, then have to start ball chasing themselves. That is what this guy does to our defence, Zeki Fryers is probably a better centre-back than Chiriches.

Anyway back to Sherwood who with no experience was an unbelievable appointment. The beauty of giving him a short term contract is that the summer pay-off will be cheap. Daniel Levy clearly had that in mind when he decided to hand it to Tim. Glenn Hoddle would of course been the more sensible option until the end of the season but that was never going to happen with Tim Sherwood at the club.

If a manage or Head Coach can not prepare a team for a game when he has plenty of time he is never going to be a decent manager. Our players are good quality players yet look like ordinary ones simply because they are not playing within a system.

There was a moment when Capoue simply threw his arms in the air when there was nobody on the right so he had to then chase back there. Walker had gone on a run and Capoue had played a long ball to try and reach him but didn't. They simply came at us down that side, Walker was trotting back which smacks of giving up and not caring.

Capoue had just done the same thing himself. He had run at the defence, lost the ball, yet kept running so he was behind their back line and out the game quite deliberately. He simply took his time jogging back leaving it all to Bentaleb. Capoue kept running needlessly out of position, he looked again like he didn't care, he had given up.

This is not a happy team, not a happy dressing room I am convinced. Tim Sherwood is an abrasive character not afraid to upset people. That approach does not unify a dressing room, it only unifies your favourites. Divisions in dressing rooms are not healthy.

Freed from the AVB constraints the players can score goals, give them a flexible system to work within and they'll score a lot more goals. The players are not poor players so for goodness sake Tim put a system in place to harness that quality.

Throw 11 men onto a field and hope for the best is not a successful formula.

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