Honestly - it was an utterly hopeless performance

Well well what a performance, did we actually perform, that's dubious. The first half was so bad it was untrue. That in itself is very worrying and indicates that Sherwood probably won't be in the post at the start of next season, we will have appointed someone like Louis van Gael.

Crystal Place were a thousand time better than us in that first half, the players seem to have never met each other, the two strikers might as well as grabbed a book, a cuppa and a deck chair and done a spot of reading for all the movement they had.

Tim Sherwood had a look on his face that shouted I don't know what to do. Was there actually any game plan or was, as in increasingly seeming the case, he just sends the players out to do whatever they feel like?

That's fine when it works but as soon as something goes wrong it all falls to pieces. You have to have a framework to do that in. This will be a hit and miss rest of the season for us, we'll either score with bits of brilliance or miss and concede to lose so it may be a bumpy ride. How it will end who knows.

Man City or Chelsea would have scored 10 in that half against us we were that bad. Two in central midfield in modern day football is not enough, games are won and lost in midfield generally and we consistently get overrun. One of the front men has to drop and work if they don't you have just seen what happens.

Our first goal was a Sam Allardyce Bolton West Ham move,route one hump it forward stuff. Fortunately they were fast asleep Ade won a header and Eriksen tucked it away. Now they could relax a little and it was written in the stars than Jermain Defoe would score his first Premier League goal of the season as soon as he has announced he is leaving, shame he didn't pass the ball a little later and we'd have been in again but no he was more interested in himself.

I know that sounds harsh but it's the truth and I'm not going to get started on how when we are winning we have to learn to be clinical again.

Soldado looks to me as if he is not happy. I suspect but have nothing to back it up, but I suspect some of the players don't get along with Mr Sherwood. If that is the case and we get a divided dressing room Tim won't be the man sorting it out.

The club has talented players who it seems leave the actual hard part of being creative in the last third to everyone else. They look good as long as they have a talent who does that bit for them. Nothing wrong with that that's part of a successful team but we seem to have too many of the same type of player.

Vlad Chiriches is not a Premier League centre-back by a long way, we are desperate for Vertonghen or Kaboul to take his place, hurry up and get fit guys.

Nabil Bentaleb was our best player, a 19 year-old kid. Walker had a nightmare, Lennon created but static forwards meant he was wasting his time but some of his crosses were poor. Hugo Lloris was bored after 70 minutes so decided to see how many mistakes he could make from corners in quick succession.

Corners there's another thing, we couldn't defend them, beaten for headers continuously, shots blocked by their own players.

We won 2-0 but we were lucky and it papers away not cracks but bloody great canyons. I seriously hope Tim can turn it around but it was madness to me appointing him in the first place. Pride should have taken a back seat and Hoddle given the role until the end of the season but of course with Sherwood as Levy's blue eyed boy that had no chance of happening.

Relegation fodder made us look like relegation fodder and it was only when they had to push forward instead of play on the counter attack that we had any room to pass the ball about. Then Adebayor decided to drop back into midfield and pass the ball around playing keep ball.

A very frustrating day but he ho we won so we can brush the problems under the carpet and pretend they don't exist can't we.

Bentaleb, a Defoe goal and a 2-0 scoreline were the only positives to take from that but it doesn't auger well for the remainder of the season.

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