Bloody English, bloody French

In unsurprising news Etienne Capoue has had a dig at Tim Sherwood for playing him in defence and wanting to keep him in a defensive role.

Etienne Capoue Spurs News
Etienne Capoue wants out
“It's hard, I’ve gone from a definite starter to someone who thinks about playing. It's the first time this has happened to me.”

In reference to playing in defence and Sherwood's perceived desire to keep him in a defensive role Capoue said “I am not surprised, it is the English way. They don't know much about foreign players.”

Clearly he is attempting to make waves and try and force through a move. What this foreigner doesn't understand about the English is that we (Daniel Levy) sets a price and that's what a club has to pay to buy you. Don't pay you don't go simple my old son.

“If I don't play, it will be difficult [to go to the World Cup]. If something presents itself, we'll talk.”

The only though in Capoue's mind is getting to the World Cup, nothing else it seems.

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