Who do we play left wing now Townsend is injured?

We have had a threadbare defence it seems for over a year apart from a few periods of abundance. Vlad Chiriches had another dreadful second half against West Ham losing just about every header it seems, getting in the way, giving the ball away deep in our half and not communicating.

Fortunately Rose is gaining some fitness, so with the dependable and resilient Walker we have the full-back areas sorted once again. Centrally Dawson and Kaboul are needed if our defensive play is to change. If we are now not going to be playing without a high line then it is essential that a centre-back can win the ball in the air when it is pumped forward, Bolton and now West Ham style. That rules Chiriches out of contention, and Vertonghen is injured. We could have further problems centrally it seems.

Aaron Lennon is restored to the right, Townsend is now out for a month so the left becomes a problem. Chadli so far looks out of his depth, rarely gets to the byline and doesn't provide a service for the strikers. Lamela has no form or confidence and Sigurdsson is not a winger. Sherwood's selection against West Ham suggests Siggy will play centrally when he plays, where he's best, so he can be discounted.

Quite why Sherwood swapped Lennon and Townsend over at half time goodness knows, we battered them first half so he changed it second half, illogical. Service into the box was reduced and in the end Defoe had to provide the cross for our goal and didn't Adebayor take it well, having a point to prove. Lennon had Ratz for toast in the first half. Townsend must have told the club he has to play on the right or he'll leave, that is about the only explanation for seeing him there.

Anyway back to the left wing, our new problem area, where would we be without one. Chali or Lamela is a tough call but I'll have to side for an extended run for Lamela, who didn't even make the bench against West Ham, even though his position will eventually be on the right. He has created goals in Europe with some good through balls, created a goal at Cardiff with a neat cross when he came on so has already shown that he has an end product.

Chadli on the other hand hasn't shown much at all, not even promise. I'm sure there is a player in there, he had physique and skill which I'm sure he could put to better use. At the moment though Lennon on the right is now absolutely essential to provide the consistency we won't be getting from the left and to give us an attacking threat while Lamela or Chadli begin to find some form.

One question I'd like to know the answer to is what is Steffen Freund's role now that Sherwood, Ferdinand and Ramsey are running things?

AVB and Freund had a row over tactics and substitutions and Freund was then removed from the front bench to sit with the subs behind which is why you haven't seen his celebrations this season, but what does he do now, what is his role? He seemed to be the note taker against West Ham.

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