Wait or not to wait, that is the question

Don't Spurs fans just love a knee-jerk. The calls for Levy to resign and some of the comments on Twitter are nothing short of ridiculous. Pray tell me how many of these people have actually run a major business?

None, will be the answer to that, none of them have the knowledge of how to. Spurs were mid-table nobodies, now they are regular top 4 challengers. That is called progress people. We have the infastructure in place to attract people. We now need regular Champions League football to attract the money to build a stadium to generate more money that can be spent on the team.

That is the way it is. As I said in my previous article you either wait for AVB to alienate more people in addition to his number 2, Adebayor, Assou-Ekotto, Levy and the board with the resulting failure or you spot there is something wrong, determine whether the individual can solve the problem and if not make changes before it's too late.

There was a meeting and AVB had no solution, he wanted to go, so best he went before it was too late. For those shouting he had the best win percentage, how many of those were in the Premier League? Also Harry Redknapp using that criteria should not have been sacked and AVB appointed in the first place.

A win percentage is irrelevant. It's where you finish in the league that counts, we went from 4th down to 5th and this season down further, with thrashings to boot, only a 32 goal difference between the side occupying 4th!

That experiment is over. Move on. So what's next?

There are two options.

One is to instill/appoint a caretaker boss until the end of the season. That could be Hoddle, that could be Sherwood. Personally I think putting a man with ho experience in for any length of time is simply asking for trouble.

Why would that be a consideration? Well because there is a World Cup coming up and the like of Jurgen Klinsmann (USA) and Cesare Prandelli (Italy) would then be available along with possibly Fabio Capello (Russia) who has been mentioned.

So one option is to wait for the right man, if one of them is felt to be and muddle through with an interim.

The second option is to figure out who we want and go get them now. Reports suggest we have spoken with Murat Yakin (Basel) who knocked us out of the Europa League last season ans beat Chelsea home and away in the Champions League this season. Quotes from him say we have spoken.

Reports in Holland say we have made contact with Frank de Boer (Ajax), although suggestions are he won't break his contract. Clearly we are looking around and exploring our options. With Franco Baldini at the club perhaps the former Barcelona B and Roma boss Luis Enrique (Celta Vigo) is a possibility.

Guus Hiddink has been mentioned but his advisors ruled that one out as it seems they have Michael Laudrup (Swansea).

Roberto Di Matteo absolutely not thank you, we don't need a manager that simply let's John Terry run the team, besides he is earning £3.4 million doing nothing at the moment.

Jergen Klopp (Borussia Dortmund) has done a good job and has Champions League experience playing the right brand of football. Mauricio Pochettino (Southampton) plays possession passing football and is doing a good job at Southampton but I simply can't see Daniel Levy appointing anyone he can't talk to.

Harry Redknapp (QPR), Martin Jol, Sir Alex Ferguson and Diego Maradona are total non-starters.

Glenn Hoddle divides opinion. His spell with us was not great but then neither were the players he was working with. He was doing an excellent job with England until the press decided they didn't want him anymore. Hoddle is an option but having been out of club management so long, (10 years I think) he would be a gamble and Daniel Levy will be in no mood to gamble right now.

Luciano Spalletti (Zenit St Petersburg) and another former Roma boss has Russian Leagues, Italian and Russian cups on his CV as well as Champions League experience. He could be an outsider as could Zdanek Zeman, yes you've guessed it, the Czech is a former Roma boss.

Rudi Garcia (Roma) has only just joined them and done rather well winning their first 10 league games so it is hard to imagine him leaving, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (Molde) doesn't have the experience, not has he managed top players, the same argument could be used against Thomas Tuchel (Mainz 05) who bosses up and coming players, Lewis Holtby and Andre Schurrle to name two. We have a host of youngsters but again it would be a risk that I just don't see Levy entertaining.

Roberto Mancini (Galatasaray) also has not long been with the Turkish side and would probably be expensive to acquire as a result with the advantageous tax system out there.

Some wag has suggested Stuart Pearce, that brought a laugh, a flop everywhere he has been, Steve Clarke, Owen Coyle, Paulo Di Canio, Gianfranco Zola are other daft suggestions I have seen, but they were suggested by an American site which clearly hasn't quite grasped the requirements for the job, experience and proven ability.

At this point in time it's toss a coin, Murat Yakin would be interesting, Frank de Boer perhaps tops my list. I come down on the side of making an appointment and not waiting but if we did wait I'd ask Hoddle to take over until the end of the season.

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