That's Entertainment - Sherwood's singalong

Bringing entertainment back to football. Yes folks we are in the entertainment business and entertainment is what Uncle Timmy has just served up.

That game rather made those demanding answers from Daniel Levy look a little silly. As Gary Neville said we created more chances inside the box in 70 minutes than we have in the last few months!

Adebayor in 2 games has single handedly shown that Levy was right to tell Andre Villas-Boas to bring him back into the fold. Man of the Match today, 2 goals, one another brilliant volley. That's 3 goals in 2 games with 2 brilliant volleys. Soldado looked a lot happier, his cross for the first was exceptional, players were actually passing to him when he made runs, it was a revelation after the boredom era.

Fair play to Tim Sherwood throwing on Bentaleb who showed fans you don't need a run of games to settle or a run to be given a chance, if you have talent you can produce it straight away. That is exactly how it should be, you take you opportunity or you have to wait for another. As a player you then know you have to perform, you are under pressure and if you are any good, if you have the right winning mentality, you'll perform.

If you don't perform then you at least give it your best shot, you put in a shift, you work your socks off and that was what Erik Lamela did today. The guy ran everywhere, places he should have been and places he shouldn't. Attacking wise it didn't come off for him, his tackles were often mistimed but he put the effort in as clearly Sherwood has told them to do. Even Chadli looked dangerous and worked hard. We attacked with pace, with desire, with men, something we haven't done this season under AVB.

We had the usual Lloris error of course, coming out to a ball he had no chance of getting and leaving an open goal, Chiriches getting so easily turned for the first it was untrue, but as Hoddle pointed out at half-time, nobody did their job for that goal.

However it's a day for positives and 19 year-old Nabil Bentaleb probably signalled the end of Jake Livermore's Tottenham career with his performance. To see him come on instead of Capoue was a surprise but you can't argue with the end result, you have to say well done Tim Sherwood whether you like the guy or not and plenty don't for some reason. Gary Neville, the TV's top pundit was hugely impressed with him saying he looks a great player. The fans who have been calling for youth had their Christmas gift today.

I can't see a manager with no experience being appointed but Sherwood has just given the club a big lift just when it was needed. This is only one game, it is only 3 points, only +1 to the goal difference, but it was the manner of the performance that delights and sends us into Christmas on a high.

Will Sherwood be able to do Levy a favour and wait for a new man. It seems all our top choices are going to the World Cup and only be available in the summer. Roberto Di Matteo won the Champions League with Chelsea by just sending out the senior players and letting them do what they did every week. Tim Sherwood has similarly found a group of quality players in his lap, if he can send them out to just go and play football Levy may have a bit of breathing space, only time will tell.

I can hear That's Entertainment blasting out at the training ground tomorrow, the players having a singalong whilst Daniel Levy does a little jig.

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