Spurs hating Daily Mail spout garbage again

The Daily Mail, well know to hate Tottenham, write Spurs are struggling to find a new manager which is of course utter nonsense. There are a whole bunch who would be happy to take over in the summer but that doesn't stop fools like Martin Samuels, who know very little about football.

All a reporter is is the man in the street talking. They have no footballing qualifications, no business qualifications and have no idea how to actually run anything. Often blog owners have more footballing knowledge than them, more business knowledge than them.

What Mr Samuels fails to grasp is that Spurs are looking for a top manager and they have highlighted a group currently with their national teams.

Mr Samuels seems to think that a side should select from a second level pool immediately and not decide who they actually want and put plans and preparations in place to get them. Business is about strategy, a top manager fits the strategy.

Our Mr Samuels seems to think you should wait for something to fail before you start again and try and rebuild it which is very poor management. No you see what is going wrong or is going to go wrong in advance and make corrective measures, that is quality management.

Our strategy has taken us from a mid table team to a top five team. The strategy is in place for the next step, finding the right man to take us there is the next step. AVB was not that man, that man may not be available now, that does not mean you don't plan ahead.

It is no secret that Spurs want a long term manager for the project they have embarked on. Part of that is Champions League every year without fail, no excuses. AVB showed with his handling of Adebayor and the 'create no chances' football he was serving up that he wasn't the answer.

If a top man comes in and gets quality players playing quality football as they should be by now, January is just around the corner, then he'll get the run that lesser managers won't. If you appoint potential and give them a run you are gambling and in business you take the gamble out as much as you can so appointing a proven top manager is the next step.

Someone like Louis Van Gaal, the Holland manager, fits the bill and is available in the summer. Plan ahead, then take the steps to put that plan in place. Spurs have a strategy, business has to work by strategy but poor Mr Samuels can't grasp such complexities.

Mr Samuel's finds it difficult to grasp that Brendon Rodgers at Liverpool would say anything other than he turned down Spurs to go to Liverpool. Does he seriously expect him to say no I wanted to go to Spurs and not Liverpool but they didn't offer me the job!

Even a child can figure that one out but it's beyond Martin Samuels and the Daily Fail  it seems.

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