Lloris crossroads - improve or decline?

Manchester City highlighted the trend with Hugo Lloris to make a mistake a game, a United penalty, Fulham and now Sunderland continue it.

It's about time Hugo 'Mistake a Game' Lloris stopped this trend. When he joined us and started playing in the Europa League his distribution put our players under pressure, he dropped a cross at the Panathinaikos striker looming. These early mistakes seemed to be down to a lack of concentration which is always a worrying sign. The mistakes whilst not all major or costly have remained. Earlier in the season we were getting away with them, being relatively minor but they are now costing us goals.

A miss controlled back pass that goes out for a corner or a throw out that puts the left-back immediately under pressure are not quite as serious, but potentially can be, as trying to be too clever when coming out as at Liverpool last season or the errors giving away penalty or gifting a goal.

Fortunately the quality of the United game meant his challenge to give United a penalty and a point was largely overlooked but he has followed that up with mistakes against both Fulham and Sunderland. It is a worrying trend, a trend I have followed knowing unless eradicated sooner or later it would prove more costly.

Heurelho Gomes was a very decent keeper, an excellent shot stopper until his mistakes became too costly to endure. If the press get into you as a keeper you have had it, confidence goes and often doesn't come back for quite a while, Paul Robinson is a prime example of that when a mud bobble on the pitch caused his decline.

Lloris is not the first keeper to come to these shores and regularly make errors, David de Gea did the same at Man U but seems to have eradicated the errors from his game now. Naturally I hope Hugo can follow his example and start putting them behind him.

His judgement and decision making certainly need improving which will come with experience, experience that is of the Premier League, his punching is often not decisive enough, he is nowhere near as good with his feet as he seems to think he is and his kicking has at times been atrocious.

He is a very good keeper but as with all sports ability is only part of the equation, what goes on between the ears is the most important factor so Hugo controlling his own mental state will determine whether he improves or declines as a keeper.

Too many more mistakes that cost goals and possibly points will have the media start to question him, then it's all down to his mental ability. Gomes it appears wasn't mentally strong enough to eradicate his mistakes, is Hugo Lloris?

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