Faith restored, Lennon back where he belongs

At last, we have a winger who attacks the byline and suddenly we look dangerous, shock horror who'd have thought it.

Our season can now move forward at last, now that AVB has realised Andros Townsend has no end product from the right. Spurs fans who have applauded him have failed to realise he was at the heart of our problems and it has taken AVB too long to wake up to the fact. I only hope his early season mistakes haven't cost us another Champions League place.

Suddenly we started moving the ball quicker, suddenly we had pace and someone running outside their man. He created against City looking our only threat and again verses United so why oh why was he subbed? The faithful let AVB know it was wrong with a chorus of boos quite rightly.

Why was Chadli allowed to stay on when all he did was cut inside, the very problem we have had all season? We are threatening from one side but not the other so take the threat off, why? To try and pretend a flawed system is working? AVB needs to readjust his stubborn streak and admit we are a better side with wide men who keep the full-back guessing, who go to the byline as well as cutting inside.

Holtby didn't cut the mustard against City as I said after the game he made far too many 20 yard passes backwards, Paulinho playing in an advanced midfield role made us far more threatening up front. This performance was far more like what we need to see, yes we still had the one mistake Lloris makes every game and unfortunately it cost us 3 points this time. Given time his decision making may improve as we hope will his kicking ability.

Gareth Bale was left footed, I seem to remember him doing rather well on the left, perhaps AVB will eventually come to realise that Townsend can actually play there, can actually make us more threatening still.

We now need a run of victories to get us back in contention being already 10 points behind Arsenal and 4 points off fourth, four points and not three because of our awful goal difference.

A game that restored some faith and gave us all hope again, now we must push on.

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