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AVB on Vertonghen playing at left back - "I have had lots of conversations with Jan regarding this situation. Unfortunately he has to sacrifice his position as centre-back for the team.

"His position at centre-back is not in question. He is one of the greatest central defenders I have worked with. He knows that and he knows that position is waiting for him whenever we have options at left-back. He has my word.

"He hasn't fallen in love (with playing at left-back). I know he doesn't like it, but it's no big deal.

"It's a decision I have to make for the best of the team."

AVB on having only 2 keepers for Europe - “It’s fine, normally I’ve done this in the past. At Porto I had two keepers registered from the three that I had, and I had a third young one.”

AVB on injuries - “Sandro was substituted in the game against Everton with some pain on his hamstring and we decided to take him out of the game as a precaution.

“Rose and Zeki are making good progress, but not enough to be involved in these next two games.”

AVB on Gomes - “There is competition for the goalkeeper position, we’ve had a chat with the three of them recently and we’ve allowed Gomes to be back in contention, competing for his place.

“The reality is that Hugo [Lloris] and Brad [Friedel] are ahead of him at the moment, and Gomes is not registered to play in the Europa League.

“We’ve tried to find him a solution because I think he deserves to get more opportunities and have more playing time, so we’ve always tried to find other solutions for him away from this club. We just have to allow the player to compete for his position as well, and he’s doing that.”

AVB on Adebayor - “Ade came back into training again from a foot contusion [that he suffered] the other day - he came back to training today.

“He is not selected for this game against Sheriff but will be available for selection for the game against Newcastle.

“My view and take on the situation is that this team has changed from playing 4-4-2 to playing with one striker up front, so it’s a massive change. Alongside the goalkeeper position it’s a position where three players compete for one place.

“I don’t see us in the near future going back to 4-4-2, that’s the reality. We’ve been extremely successful with what we have been doing, as we were extremely successful with 4-4-2 in the past - particularly last season. At this moment it’s not going to happen.

“Ade is very hungry to get back into the team. He has to understand – and he does understand – that with [Roberto] Soldado and [Jermain] Defoe, one is on eight goals and the other one is on six.

“It’s a question of time until he gets that break and that opportunity for him to come back, and then, like every other player, he has to make the most of it.

“I’m fine with the strikers I have and I don’t think Ade’s considering any move – he made it pretty clear in his interview as well.”

AVB speaks his mind in defence our medical staff - "I stand absolutely by the decision I took and I stand by the decision that the medical department took following the checks that they made on the player.

"All the checks were according to the book.

"I have registered the fact that a couple of people have taken this opportunity to find the chance to get themselves publicised who have no experience in the pitch whatever in these type of situations.

"And I find it extremely disappointing that two people - a great doctor and a great physio, who saved the life of Muamba, were heavily put into question by lots of incompetent people, with absolutely no experience on the pitch, no experience in the action, no experience in the moment.

"That is extremely serious and disappointing.

When asked if Scott and Mughal were angry about their conduct being questioned, Villas-Boas said: "Yes, of course.

"It's something that astonishes me why it's tried to be put in the same mould as all of these situations that happened in the past.

"My medical department has followed the Premier League guidelines for this type of situation.

"This is not comparable to American football, rugby, Andros Townsend's situation or Petr Cech's situation.

"I find it remarkable as well that nobody has dedicated themselves to find out if the player could have avoided keeper and I'm disappointed that Lukaku hasn't contacted Hugo.

"I don't question Lukaku's integrity or human side, I have maximum respect for him and I think he has for me, but from all this excitement from something that is so negative I'm surprised no time was lost to study this.

"I don't want to question Lukaku, he's a young player, wonderfully gifted but I think he could have jumped over Lloris.

"People can have a pop at me at any time, I'm immune to that.

"After my Chelsea experience, I took a vaccine that makes me immune to a couple of things. I've lived through a lot."

AVB has deided who will be in goal on Thursday but didn't reveal who it would be.

"He was out on the (training) pitch this morning. The selection has been made. (the media) will just have to wait. We will make a lot of changes tomorrow but there will be no complacency."

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