Bruce has a simple game plan

Hull were robbed, they came with a game plan to grab a point and quite frankly they should have done, glad they didn't of course.

They came with the same plan many sides you expect to see in the lower half of the division employ against us. Steve Bruce had an easy team talk and didn't need to change it much at half time.

I want everyone behind the ball. I want you to form two defensive banks close together so there is no space to operate between them and stay in that shape. If their midfield players drop back into their own half to collect the ball, don't get pulled out with them. Let them have the ball and pass it back there all they like, they can't hurt us from there.

Right back, you are facing Lennon today, what he's doing on the left I've no idea but all he can do from there is cut back inside onto his right foot, let him, he can't hurt us doing that, they'll just have to pass inside.

Left back you have Townsend who will cut inside and shoot most of the time so midfield be ready to rush to him. I want you to double up on him so he has nowhere to go on the outside. He dribbles with his left foot so when he is facing you shape your body to show him inside. If he wants to go outside then position your body so he has to kick the ball towards the touchline with his left foot, don't let him play it along the line with his right. If he has to play it with his left he has more chance of putting it into touch with no space to work with.

Vertonghen is at left-back and is not the quickest so if he is attacking and we win the ball back, look to attack the left channel. Pressurise Chiriches and he'll take risks, one slip up and we can nick a goal.

Just maintain your shape and they'll go from side to side in front of you.

Right any questions?

Brilliant first half lads, 0-0 that was textbook, you followed the plans to a T. They are playing the way we expected trying to get through the middle. At some point they are bound to switch wingers to try something new. When they do make sure you push Townsend inside onto his right foot and let the next man take him and jockey him across, he'll have nowhere to go.

For Lennon you are going to have to stay doubled up, Walker will be looking to play the ball in behind you so left-back stay with him, midfield man be ready to cut the attempted pass out.

Apart from that just stay in your banks close together and keep attacking the left channel when we can. Right that's it, out you go lads.

Boys you were robbed, that was never a penalty. You were brilliant out there today, you restricted them to one clear chance all game. If we play like that, with the commitment and determination to carry out a plan then we will be fine in this league. You can hold your heads up high on the way home lads and rest for Wednesday.

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