Andros Townsend's route to oblivion

Spurs winger Andros Townsend
Townsend leaves another defender in his wake
Andros Townsend showed the impetuousness of youth for England against Montenegro. His international career has started the way many wingers careers start, however, all without fail change with er experience.

"We agonised over selecting Andros Townsend," Hodgson said. "We argued back and forth and had a lot of time to think about it.

"To leave people like Jack Wilshere and James Milner out, with all the good work he's put in for us in this group and the attacking flair they bring, was not easy."

All the good work he's put in? Which one hasn't put in good work then? And what attacking flair? I grant you Wilshere has it but Milner has about as much flare as a spent firework on a rainy night. The guy is picked basically as a back-up full-back. He is picked for his defensive work, he offers virtually nothing going forward.

"It's never easy to leave one experienced player, or one skilful player, out of the side. Or Michael Carrick, too."

So Milner is experienced and not skillful then Roy? Is that what you are telling us, or that Carrick is neither? The media could have a field day with these quotes if they wanted to, but let's get back to Andros Townsend.

He ran at people when he got the ball on Friday. Why? Because that's what he does, that has what has got him into the England team. So how does he take the next step, what does he have to learn to do now to cement a regular place?

History tells us that is simple. He has to learn to stop running at people, stop taking people on and learn to pass backwards. Abdicate responsibility, pass the buck to others. John Barnes spent his whole career living off one goal, Chris Waddle never took anyone on, Aaron Lennon passed backwards and Theo Walcott now hides behind defenders so nobody can pass him the ball, that's when he's not watching everyone else defend because he can't be bothered to.

The list of wingers who has hit the international stage beating their man is enormous, the number who have then gone on to continue to do it and few and far between. I have a vague recollection of Dave Thomas I think it was who if memory serves would run towards the byline and cross with his left foot at full speed back in the 70's.

I don't recall anyone else since who hasn't stopped running at people for England since. How many games before Andros Townsend takes the same English route to oblivion?

Go on Andros, defy the English management, run at people, take people on at pace, management and the opposition may hate it, but we the public love it, so keep playing for us.

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