Danny Rose fit for Chelsea game

After Kyle Naughton gave Spurs fans a heart attack at the weekend after only five minutes against Cardiff many have no doubt been praying for the return of Danny Rose sooner rather than later.

Well good news on the injury front folks, Andre Villas-Boas expects him back in time for the Chelsea game.

"Danny's injury is not on his ankle, it is on his big toe," he said.

"We have good news in that there is no fracture but there is another extension of the toe which has left him with some pain.

"We will reassess him and if he is okay and there is definitely no fracture he will probably be back for Chelsea."

A relief to many no doubt.

Catch tonight's article at 7.49pm (19.49hrs) UK time in which I'll ask you to question your view of Naughton's back pass. As fans we usually make a decision and stick to it but by raising some points I'll ask you to challenge your own view. Look out for it.

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