Bassong in praise of Eriksen

Former Spurs player Sebastien Bassong was impressed after the new look Tottenham defeated his Norwich City side 2-0 with ease. He was full of praise for Christian Eriksen.

"Ozil must be one of the best number 10s in the world. He is a fantastic player, and Eriksen is not far from him.

"Ozil is more famous, he has played for Real Madrid and has loads of games under his belt.

"But I think Eriksen is a player I really like, the way he moves.

"He knows where to put himself, he was floating between the lines.

"And as soon as he gets the ball he is a threat, he is a top-quality player and it's hard to know whether to follow him as he can make the difference as soon as he gets the ball, in a split second. That is how top players are.

"Hopefully for Spurs and for him the Premier League will suit him well.

"I have seen him play before. He plays very simply with his touches, vision. He sees the right pass at the right moment and is moving well in-between, which makes him hard to pick up. For his position he has good qualities to perform.

"They brought good players in, top-quality players, and as soon as they get up to speed they will do very well.

"AVB has brought a different mind-set to the club. He brought this new mentality and a different way to play, different players, and I think it is working well.

"Lots of players went and some have come, the club is still the same but the team is much better than when I left.

"The club is getting bigger and bigger.

"I hope they will be up there challenging for the title.

"They have loads of players and if they can get them into a good team they will be very dangerous."

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