Adebayor -It was high time Bale achieved a very good season.

Emmanuel Adebayor is returning to fitness after having time off after the death of his brother. Like the season he joined us he is therefore behind the group and has a bit of catching up to do. It's one of those things and perhaps he can channel his efforts into football to help him ease the pain of his loss.

Adebayor says Bale owed Spurs a good seasonIt is rumoured that he has had a clear the air chat with AVB. Last season it was clear his attitude and commitment were unacceptable. Failing to return from the African Cup of Nations and therefore being unable to start a game he was required for showed where his priorities lie, revealing an undesirable attitude towards Tottenham. It is believed he has told AVB he will now buckle down and become a valuable member of his squad. Let's hope that is true and he demonstrates that both in training and when he is given game time. He does have something different to offer, an aerial threat our other strikers can't match, as well as his goalscoring and hold up play.

If he can reproduce his best form then he would be an asset to the squad, but he needs to produce it on a consistent basis to turn round fans opinion. He had a very poor season last season that damaged his reputation in our eyes, when we were looking forward to a similar season to the one we had witnessed when he first arrived from Man City.

The interview which began with him being asked if he ever thought of  leaving the club is reproduced below.

“No, I stay until the end of the season.

“You learned about Schalke because it was in the press but there were many clubs that wanted me and whose  proposals were still on the table.

“But I decided with my manager, even before the start of the transfer window, that I would not leave Tottenham and that’s what I did. I have never thought of leaving Spurs. I am here, my family feels great here and I do not see myself in another city.

“In the life of every footballer there are always ups and downs but I’m not complaining. It all started well in pre-season. We flew to Hong Kong [for a pre-season tournament] and there I learned the news of the death of  my brother, so my morale took a hit. I went back for the funeral. I had a very difficult time.

“When I went back to Tottenham, I talked to the coach and he told me that I was not ready yet for the pro group. I had to go to work in the reserves for two to three weeks to regain my confidence, my sense of goal, etc . . . And I complied with his advice.

“Was it a punishment? Not at all. I’m not at a training centre to get punished by my coach. There has been no argument.

“I have been playing professional football for 11 years and my brother’s death was a blow to me in recent weeks but since then I found my spirits. I will find my feelings and my place in the group.

“I am a footballer who loves competition, challenges. Remember when I signed in Monaco in 2003-2004, there were big names like [Ludovic] Guily, [Javier] Saviola, [Dado] Prso, [Shabani] Nonda,  [Fernando] Morientes. But that did not bother me. I stayed, I did my thing. I’m a competitor, this is what allows me to give the best of myself. At Arsenal, there was [Dennis] Bergkamp, [Thierry] Henry and [Robin] Van Persie before me but I snatched a place.

“At Tottenham, there was already [Jermain] Defoe for years. Today, there is Soldado, who is a very good player and who I also respect very much. I hope he will score many goals for the team.

“There are stats that speak for a man in football. Today I will not tell you that I’m stronger than Soldado or Defoe or Lamela. Do a Google search, you will see the goals I’ve scored in my career.

“We are now four in the attack, I do not know who ranks first, second or third but I know at the end I will be the first and that is the most important.

“Two years ago, I was top scorer and best passer at the club. Last season was not great, it is true. I do not want to relive that this season but there is no revenge or anything. This season, I have not started yet but rest assured that when I start I will be working very hard.

“This [Bale transfer] does not change anything. He is a very good player. Last year was a great year for him but it was seven seasons since he was there and it was high time he achieved a very good season.

“Now he will play for the biggest club in the world and I wish him much success.”

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