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Gareth Bale isn't going to play in a feisty British derby but then nobody ever though he would want to get injured and prevent a move. According to Punto Pelota Real Madrid have made two offers for him, £72.79 million (€87M) in one single payment or £84.76 million (€98.7M) split over four years. Punta Pelota is a sports news program that primarily covers Real Madrid and  produce a live football show online with Josep Pedrerol every night from Sunday to Thursday.

Chris Coleman has confirmed what we all knew anyway, that Bale is not injured. "We are not here to get in the way but if Gareth had a chance of playing he would be playing. The reason he is not playing is because mentally he is not ready and physically he is not ready to play.

"He has not been training at Tottenham and not enough sessions. This is not just for Gareth but any player, it is too risky. We have got a good medical team and after having talks with them the feeling was that it is too much of a risk.

"Whatever Tottenham Hotspur and Gareth Bale decide to do and whether he stays or goes is nothing to do with me, my job is when he comes with Wales and how he plays and is with us and that is all fantastic the other side is between Gareth and Tottenham."

And according to Wales teammates say the Star he has played his last game for Spurs. A Wales insider told the paper: "Gareth is confused and bitter. He can't understand why Spurs have not agreed what would be the largest transfer fee in history.

"How could any player not be affected when he knows one of the world's biggest clubs has made a huge bid - but that the deal isn't progressing? One thing's certain, he'll not play for Spurs again."

According to Marca who seem to get their information from Bale's agent or via Madrid from Bale's agent say he is meeting Levy tomorrow to further discuss his future.

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