Rose threatens Spurs again

Danny Rose has once again tried to hold the club to ransom, clearly he is a player who overrates his own ability. I play or I leave is his message to AVB.

"This is the most I've played in pre-season," he said. “In the past I've never been able to compete fairly with Benoît.

“Benoît’s been outstanding for the last three or four years, but now we've got a manager who treats people fairly, and he’s not afraid to drop people if they’re not performing, so I hope that can work well for me this season.”

"Obviously I know Spurs have been in the top four or five clubs for the last five seasons or so, so I know it's hard for anyone to break through, but at the same time it is frustrating and it's great that now the gaffer is not afraid to drop people if you're not performing or training hard enough.

"I enjoyed every minute at Sunderland. It's a club that I'd love to go and play for again because they're the only team at this minute which has given me a chance to play week in week out.

"I enjoyed every minute of it and now I've experienced it, coming here and sitting on the bench is not something I'd be looking to do.

"I love this club, but if I don't play regularly then I'm not going to be happy, just like everyone else wouldn't be happy.

"I wouldn't be going on loan again. If I wasn't playing then a loan's not an option for me now. I want to get settled somewhere, playing week in week out."

We let's have a look just a few things wrong in the Espanyol game and why you had better move on then.

We have previously discussed his poor positioning and a defesive weakness with balls played inside him as a result and Espanyol exploited that by simply passing round him. We have an aerial weakness from set pieces and his size is of no help in that situation at all. Going forward Danny Rose has something to offer every team, indeed he won a penalty for us, but for all his attacking the bottom line is he only put in one decent cross, the rest didn't even beat the first man. He linked up well going forward but his first priority is defending and he was poor at it again.

Within the first 20 minutes Rose fell over with nobody near him to allow the Espanyol wide man free access to the byline and penalty area, however having attacked the box they failed to take advantage in the way they should have. We could have conceded a goal against better opposition (Espanyol finished 13th in La Liga).

After 21 minutes they attacked down our right and he backtracked with their attacker, all well and good except the attacker was ball side of him so a decent ball in and the attacker would have a clear chance. Fortunately Walker prevented that.

After 37 minutes a poor clearance straight to their attacker 19 yards from goal gave them another chance and he just trotted out from the byline. That's two we could have conceded.

After 38 minutes a ball is played to the wide mans chest and Rose with no chance of getting the ball simply goes into his back to give away a free kick 5 yards into our own half. A chance to pump the ball into our box.

After 43 minutes he is beaten and chops the attacker down 6 yards from the byline. The effort from the free kick is blocked and Espanyol score from the corner. No free kick, no corner no goal.

After 45 minutes a poor pass in their half leads to a counter attack with our whole left side out the game.

After 56 minutes a poor pass down the line straight to the opposition.

After 70 minutes he is out of position and has to commit a foul to give them another set-piece opportunity.

After 76 minutes he unfortunately gets an arm in the face and the cut cheek just below the eye forces him off a minute later.

On the plus side good attacking play and won a penalty but we could have conceded 3 or 4 down our left with better finishing. It was a performance that was better than some he has been putting in but we can not afford the defensive errors that let the opposition attack our goal.

Rose is not good enough to be a first choice left-back in a top 4 tea, Would Man City, Man Utd or Chelsea pick him? No, then why does that make him good enough for us? It doesn't, he isn't, it's the bench or goodbye.

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