Parker leaves, AVB and Jan Vertonghen

Scott Parker has signed a 3 year deal for Fulham. QPR were going to pay £2 million and we wanted Fulham to pay £4 million so the final fee, which is undisclosed will probably be £3 - 3.5 million. Thanks Scotty.

Q - AVB, have Spurs bid for Willian? 
A - "No, no."

Q - Do you admire the player?
A - "Yes. This is a player who I have spoken about in the past, not very long ago. He is a player who I appreciate. He belongs to them and I respect them so I wouldn't like to extend myself too much."

Q - Will there be new signings?
A - "We haven't finished. We have a very, very good squad. We have done most of our activity in the market, but we are looking further on that. There is a possibility (of new signings), yes."

Q - Has Gareth Bale played his last game for Spurs?
A - "He is a player who has had a clearing session [a light training session] today. Hopefully if everything goes well, the player will be involved and I can give you further news about the player in the future."

Q - Is he travelling to Georgia?
A - "He is in our Europa League squad, but he is not available [for Thursday's game] because he is injured."

Q - Jan Vertonghen, what did you think of the performance against Crystal Palace on Sunday. 

A - "We were very dominant, but we kept them alive and they had a big opportunity in the 89th minute.

"We should have more of a killer instinct. If we did we could have scored two or three more, then we would have been able to relax a bit and make more substitutes."

Not having that killer instinct was something I wrote about on Facebook last season which drew complaints that I should be satisfied. Like Jan I know without a killer instinct a side wins nothing. It has to learn it, develop it and implement it. Both Sigurdsson and Defoe should have scored, not doing so was not good enough and is why the club are continually looking for upgrades. Good is not good enough anymore. Three points, first game of the season, congratulations, learn the lessons and move on.

"We were happy with the win. It would have been a better result if we had got two or three goals more.

"We had quite a good season last year but at the end we didn't make what we aimed for.

"But this year we have learned from this and we can't make the same mistakes again.

"We have the quality (to make the top four). It's going to be very difficult because everyone has spent money, but we have bought some good players too.

"We have also been playing a year longer together. Everyone believes that we can do something this year.

"We have bought some good players. I can see already that we are playing well, but we can still play much better."

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