Ledley King manager

Ledley King, now only 32 had to retire from playing last year after having to give in to a long-standing knee injury. It left the former centre-half unable to train and he now holds an ambassadorial role at White Hart Lane.

He feels he has something to offer on the coaching front and his taking his badges to see if it feels right for him.

He said: "I have been thinking about coaching - I've started my badges. It's very different to playing. It's not for everyone.

"We've seen some great players not get into coaching or not be as good people may have thought.

"I think everyone has to have a taste of it to see how they feel they will do.

"It's very early days but I've got something to offer."

Ledley King was a class act as a defender and this video shows that, his tackle on Chelsea'a Robben has to be one of the best seen in the Premier League.

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